How Telepizza Group optimize
their selection process with the chatbot and
the on-demand video interview

Telepizza Group use EASYRECRUE solutions to speed up and digitize their screening phase, amid their expansion.


Adapting to new trends and managing high volumes of applications

Telepizza Group is a family business, established in Madrid in 1987, with a clear aim to innovate and offer quality products. It was the first company to propose home deliveries. The concept worked so well that in 1992, the company opened its first factory and began its international expansion.

Since its foundation, in 1987, the Spanish company experienced a steady growth and became the fourth non-American pizza company with the biggest turnover. Today, it employs over 45 000 employees and sells pizza in 39 countries, on 4 continents.

In this context of expansion, Telepizza needed to modernize, standardize and optimize their selection process to save recruiters’ time, and to add value to each step of the process. On top of this, Telepizza wants to offer candidates a unique and innovative experience, strengthening the company’s culture and making ambassadors out of their employees.


  • ENGAGE >A chatbot for shortlisting candidates and automatically creating talent pools
  • INTERVIEW >On-demand video interviewing, AI-based recommendations, live video and automatic interview scheduling
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The chatbot and the on-demand video interview, integrated with Bizneo HR to optimize the recruitment process.


Given the high turnover rate, Telepizza receives a lot of CVs, both by email and in person. Screening CVs and interviewing is very time consuming, so video interviewing was the best choice for the talent acquisition team to see as many candidates as possible. Being integrated to the ATS BIZENO HR simplifies the process for Telepizza. The multiposting functionality and the metrics to choose which job sites to invest in and share ads on, are two of the advantages highlighted by Telepizza. 


The chatbot is another method to free HR teams from low-value tasks. Its goal is to guide candidates on the career site and pre-screen them, thanks to a series of predefined questions that filter candidates. Thanks to these solutions, Telepizza is able to manage the high number of applications they receive, while offering an innovative service that improves the overall candidate experience.

“Video interviewing has helped us speed up the selection process and assess candidates’ motivations and soft skills at an early stage.”

Andrés Rojo de las Heras

Head of Organization and Transformation PEOPLE EMEA

Telepizza Group


Optimizing the recruitment process worldwide and improving the  candidate experience through digitization.


  • Optimized recruitment process and time saved

The recruitment process is shorter and simpler. On one hand, the BIZNEO HR and EASYRECRUE integration facilitates the process because applications can be managed in one place. On the other hand, the chatbot and the on-demand video interview speed up the process, giving the HR team more freedom and flexibility.

Thanks to these solutions, which have helped to digitize low-value tasks, Telepizza Group has been able to screen 59,200 applications in 9 months.


  • An innovative selection process that favors the target audience

On top of improving the efficiency of the process at Telepizza Group, these solutions align perfectly with the candidate 's mindset and lifestyle. 78% of the people who are invited to an interview do it from their phones. This way, Telepizza gets closer to its target audience and understands better its needs and preferences.   


  • An engaging career site

Tomás, Telepizza Group’s bot, guides candidates through the company’s career site and pre-screens them in order to point them to the most relevant vacancies according to their profiles. Besides getting rid of simple and repetitive tasks on the pre-selection stage, Tomás also automatically builds talent pools.


  • Employer branding boost

With EASYRECRUE, the company has a custom landing page detailing the selection processes for more transparency. This inspires trust and pushes candidates to engage with the company.


  • Improved candidate experience 

The chatbot and the on-demand video interview transform the candidate experience, giving them and innovative and flexible journey. 


85% of candidates that undergo a video interview with Telepizza Group say they have a very positive image of the company. They highlight the following benefits: discovering a new recruitment method (51%), not having to travel (24%) and being able to record their interview whenever and wherever they want, and from any device (12%)

Success figures



in 2019


new candidates

each month



of candidates have a very positive image of the company



of screening time saved thanks to the on-demand video interview

“We can easily adapt our interview questions for the on-demand video depending on the position. This allows us great flexibility and speeds up the pre-selection phase. The aim is to reach and meet more candidates and allow the recruiter to spend time building relationships instead of filtering applications.”

Susana Molinero

Senior Manager, HRBP EMEA

Telepizza Group

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