How Santa Inc.
reenchanted their recruitment experience
for candidates and recruiters

How Santa delivers millions of presents one night a year so fast is one of Santa Inc.’s best kept secrets. How they manage their talent experience is not. Excellent service, speed and efficiency being key values of the company, it’s only natural they chose the Talent Experience Platform to deliver the perfect and seamless candidate, employee and recruiter experience.


Digitalizing their process to hire in very generous volumes punctually

Santa Inc.’s mission is to make the holidays perfect and bright. But a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen, and hiring the most competent, professional and talented elves and reindeers is crucial to the sparkling success of the organization. Additionally, with ever-changing expectations and technology, staying ahead of trends, adapting and upskilling has always been key challenges.

Over the years, the company has built a strong brand and become more attractive. But every holiday season, as applications come snowing in, it is a challenge to sort and filter thousands of applications in a short amount of time. 2020 added the extra challenge that no one can travel for interviews or skills assessments, everything must be digital. The main question was how to speed up the recruitment process while maintaining a high-quality relationship with candidates...100% digitally.


  • ENGAGE >Including a chatbot to pre-screen candidates and automatically build a talent pool
  • INTERVIEW >Featuring the on-demand video interview, AI-powered recommendations, live video, and an interview scheduling tool
  • ASSESS>Our 20-minute language skills test, Test Builder, the assessment creator
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The Talent Experience Platform to manage their talent lifecycle


Santa Claus and his teams are on top of their game when it comes to innovation, supply chain management, marketing and branding, but their recruitment process needed a boost. The Talent Acquisition teams have found in the Talent Experience Platform a tool to match their commitment to excellent candidate and recruiter experience.


The Platform is integrated to their ATS and offers a seamless candidate journey while freeing Talent Acquisition teams from frosty low-value tasks, thanks to:


  • A chatbot to prescreen applications and custom HR videos to engage with future employees
  • Faster screening with the on-demand video interview and a frictionless interviewing experience
  • An online language test to assess language proficiency during interviews (thousands of languages to assess, including reindeer)
  • Online scenario-based assessments with the Test Builder, to validate key skills (e.g. how do they react if children see them, what do they do if a reindeer has a breakdown in the middle of present distribution, etc.)


  • Lighting up the candidate experience and spicing up their employer brand


Santa Inc. is magical and offers amounts of benefits and a variety of jobs most people have not heard of, or even expect: beyond making toys and wrapping gifts, the enterprise offers teaching positions at the Elf Academy, reindeer training or cookie baking jobs, as well as the very sought-after nose polisher position for Rudolph. These jobs require rare and specific skills. The HR teams have found in the custom HR videos an easy and festive way to immerse candidates in the day-to-day life of a merry North Pole employee and present their lesser-known open positions.


Great employer branding leads to thousands of talented elves, motivated reindeers and other fantastic creatures applying before the Christmas season. To avoid last year’s tedious process, Santa Inc. implemented the EASYRECRUE chatbot on their website. “Scored questions allows us to filter applications and only select the ones that fit our requirements,” explains Bernard, First Elf and Head of Talent. The chatbot automatically builds a talent pool and enhances interesting potential hires that do not match any open positions but could be assets for the company. For instance, a talented mechanical train builder could be a good fit to work on next-generation sleighs with the fungineering team.


The talented elves and reindeers that didn’t make the cut this year are kept nice and warm in the talent pool and stay in the pipeline for next year to anticipate their recruitment.



Saving time and hiring stellar candidates with diverse profiles


Selected qualified elves and reindeers get invited to record a video interview using the EASYRECRUE on-demand video interview. This allowed the company to save over 50% of screening time this year: candidates get to record their interviews whenever they like, and Santa can watch the videos when the time is best for him too. Easy when dealing with so many time zones. Mr. Claus can slow down time but not stop it completely.


Thanks to SmartRanking, Santa and his team know what pre-recorded interviews to watch in priority during a first viewing. Rudolf’s big shiny nose blinding the screen is not a problem in that case as the EASYRECRUE AI only analyzes prosody and verbal content, no face screening.


“By analyzing verbal content, SmartRanking eliminates human bias and recommends candidates that excel in their interview by putting forward their soft skills. Something that simply reading a CV cannot reveal. This allowed us to hire more diverse talent which is an asset for our company.” – Dasher, Reindeer Acquisition Manager



Once Santa viewed all the on-demand video interviews, he uses the online interview scheduler to avoid his already very busy elves to call each and every interesting candidate. With the online interview scheduler, applicants can select an interview time from available calendar slots to continue the recruitment process. The interviews take place at the North Pole headquarters for applicants that live nearby, or with the live interview for elves that cannot travel.


  • Recruiting talent with top-notch language skills


With letters coming in from around the world, it is essential elves speak several languages to process mail in a fast and efficient manner. Easyspeaking is the perfect solution for assessing language skills during the recruitment process or to favor internal mobility within the company. This objective 20-minute test freed recruiting elves from the task of evaluating each candidate individually. Santa Inc. is now sure that new hires that claim to be fluent in reindeer, really are.


For other technical skills, Test Builder is just what Santa.Inc needed: for each type of job, the Talent Acquisition team created a tailored test to assess precise skills, 100% online. It allows them to know even more about candidates and understand what they can bring to the company. For instance, broom mechanics that worked at Halloween & co. make excellent sleigh technicians. Additionally, tests being digital, no need to travel the world for a skills assessment! 


Santa.Inc managed to hire all the required talent because they digitalized their hiring process with the Talent Experience Platform. What this story teaches us is that, no matter what a terrible year 2020 may have been, Christmas never dies. Santa makes sure of it. 


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were taken in 2019



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of screening time saved on average with the on-demand video interview

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