Montpellier Business School is an international school with global ambitions. To test English during admissions, the school has chosen Easyspeaking online tests.


Simplify the admissions process and provide students with a fair and equal language test

Montpellier Business School is a member of the French Grandes Ecoles conference and holds the prestigious and internationally recognized AACSB, EFMD-EPAS and AMBA accreditations. This makes it one of the many French higher education institutions with an international focus. Its Grande Ecole and bachelor programs are delivered at the student’s choice in French or English, its 15 masters of science programs are taught in English and more than 60% of the institution’s professors are international with over 1,000 international students studying on the Montpellier campus. In addition, the institution has a global network of over 170 partner universities. This makes English proficiency critical for successfully completing many of its degree programs.

Prospective students are asked to specify their English level in their application (score from one of the traditional tests or a B2 level according to the CEFR). However,these tests are costly for families and not everyone has the financial resources for this, in addition to application fees. Not to mention other tests that some schools require, such as personality tests or GMAT-type logic tests. This means the first obstacle to applying to a school is money. To avoid losing great students for this reason, Montpellier Business School chose to have a common English test for all students.


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The Easyspeaking language assessments test
Behind the notion of equality lies the idea that everyone should take the same test, no matter the student’s schedule, English level or
financial resources. The students can do the test anytime from a computer or mobile phone. International students do not necessarily
have Internet at home but they all have a smartphone. Plus, this way it is no longer necessary to involve professors and spend time scheduling tests by phone.


As soon as a student applies online, Montpellier Business Schools checks to see if they have included a language test certificate. If they haven’t, they send them an Easyspeaking test. They have 5 days to do the test and the school gets the results within 48 hours which allows to get back to the student quickly with a decision.

"The 3 test sections make it less subjective than a simple oral conversation and more thorough than a multiple choice test."

Sylvie Queffelec

Deputy Director of Admissions

Montpellier Business School


To ensure the English level of all students who wish to join the school with Easyspeaking.
A transparent and fair admissions process

Whatever the country of origin of a student who wishes to join Montpellier Business School, it is important to ensure equal treatment with applications. Moreover, embassies and Campus France (an institution promoting the French higher education system abroad) are very careful that higher education institutions are transparent about how they select students. Each test or exam given must be consistent with the teaching program. This is true for language tests as well.

When Montpellier BS selects a foreign candidate, the admissions team sends them the Easyspeaking certificate issued after passing the test with their overall CEFR (Common European Framework for Languages) level. 

More reactivity


Internationally, responsiveness is one of the key factors in the race for international student admissions. Responding quickly is a mark of recognition and trust. Every day counts for filing visa applications and students outside France need to get organized, so they will tend to enroll in the first school that responds favorably. With Easyspeaking, it is possible to evaluate international candidates very quickly by offering them a simple, non-binding solution. No more time difference issues!


No-cheating system

Easyspeaking is a secure solution that allows the identity of the candidate to be verified remotely. In addition to the pre-recorded video speaking part, a photo is taken randomly at any time during the test, ensuring that it is the same candidate that takes the entire test.

A question to Sylvie Queffelec

It is very important for us to guide prospective students and to explain how the language test works in order to give them the best chance of succeeding. It is particularly important for international students who are going to move to France and need to have the required level.


Before submitting the online application, we offer to let them participate in a preparation session where a professor  presents the different test sections and the participants can review some of the basics. Because the test is truly easy to use and deploy, we are able to concentrate on the human side of our business – engaging prospective students. Because we are more available to answer any questions or concerns, we add value to the Montpellier Business School brand and make it a more attractive place to study and grow.

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