How RTBF goes beyond the CV with
the on-demand video interview

RTBF digitalized their interviewing process with the on-demand video interview to speed up the pre-selection process by making it more collaborative and more qualitative for both candidates and recruiters.


Improve the candidate experience through faster screening

RTBF - Radio Télévision Belge Francophone - is a public service broadcast company dealing with high volumes of applications. Candidates must meet the requirements for each position (experience, training, etc.) and then the selection is made on a comparative basis. In order to check that applications are relevant and to validate the prerequisites, RTBF recruiters sometimes have to carry out a long and tedious telephone pre-screening phase. RTBF's challenge: how can a quick pre-selection be carried out for a better candidate experience and a more qualitative experience for HR and managers?


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The on-demand video interview


For three years now, RTBF has been using the on-demand video interview for positions that generate large volumes of applications, such as product owners and trainees, but also for administrative and digital positions (communication, social editor, etc.). For all these positions, soft skills are as important as technical expertise.


For certain positions, RTBF still holds phone calls with candidates to reassure them and walk them through the on-demand video interview process.

“We can now invite every interesting candidate to an interview as time is no longer an issue”

Alexandra VINCENT

Recruitment and Internal Mobility Expert



  • Flexibility for recruiters and candidates

No matter the schedule or the working style, the solution is adapted to each stakeholder: candidates can do their interview anytime and anywhere, without needing to take time off from their potential current job, HR managers no longer need to plan interviews very early or after working hours, and managers can also view the video interviews whenever works best for them. The first advantage is therefore to allow people to work from anywhere and with everyone.


  • Better collaboration between HR and managers

Recruitment was carried out by managers in collaboration with by the HR teams. In general, at RTBF, four people are involved in the selection of new talent: the HR manager, one to two team managers and the recruiter. The integration of the EASYRECRUE solution strengthened the collaboration between stakeholders as video interviews are analyzed by each. Every member is involved, and the process moves forward smoothly. Additionally, interview questions are decided together with the managers to have a real coherence in the collaborative analysis. The second advantage of the solution is therefore the collaborative aspect.


"The solution creates constructive conversations on the different candidates we meet. This is very much in line with the way we operate at RTBF: the managerial culture is based on discussions between HR business experts and teams.”


  • Go beyond CVs and meet people, not profiles

The video interview allows a candidate to quickly show who she is. Indeed, motivation is an important lever in the selection process and a determining criterion in deciding whether or not to meet the candidate. A candidate may not have 100% of the skills required for the position, but if he or she is motivated, they will be able to quickly acquire new skills. RTBF therefore includes a question asking the candidate what specifically interests them in the position they applied to.

The video interview is also a way to challenge managers by offering them different candidate profiles that will be trained to develop professionally internally. In addition, generalizing the video interview creates more equality as each candidate goes through the exact same questions, in the same amount of time and in the same conditions. Regarding confidence when speaking alone to the webcam, Alexandra Vincent reminds us that it is not the capacities in terms of media image that are evaluated but the answers.


  • More qualitative face-to-face interviews afterwards

Interviews are more qualitative when the recruiter or managers have already seen the candidates even through a video. Candidates already had a chance to share their motivation and recruiters and managers can then focus on the more technical skills or any other aspect important to the position. This allows to optimize the duration of the face-to-face interview without neglecting the quality.


"We have a list of skills to assess, soft skills and technical skills, as well as the candidate's culture fit. For this, conducting two face-to-fae interviews is an excellent way to avoid missing the right candidate."


This year and for the first time, RTBF launched a recruitment campaign with video questions recorded by managers. "They also played the game," says Alexandra Vincent, for whom giving candidates the opportunity to see their future manager is a real plus. "Because today they choose us as much as we choose them". As a media company, digitalizing processes appears to be a logical and unavoidable step. RTBF is one of the pioneers in Belgium to have implemented the on-demand video interview solution.

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