KYOCERA: 56% of screening time saved
thanks to the on-demand video interview

KYOCERA chose the EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution to optimize its recruitment strategy


The People, Technology & Processes department needed to embrace the market's digital transformation

For 80 years, Kyocera has been a leading innovator, pioneering developments in document control and data management to empower companies to be more agile, more efficient, and more client focused. Its People, Technology & Processes department displays this same sense of innovation, speeding up the candidate selection process for the entire company.

Kyocera hires many candidates with very specific skills, many of whom are usually already employed. This makes in-person interviews difficult to organize, and increases the likelihood of losing good candidates or excessively prolongates the selection process. The company was using traditional telephone screening during which technical skills were assessed, before inviting candidates to a face-to-face interview.

Another challenge was to create personalized reports about each candidate for communicating with hiring manager. Furthermore, Kyocera focuses on people, and commits to providing feedback to all the candidates who participate in the selection process, resulting in an extensive bureaucratic process.


  • INTERVIEW >The on-demand video interview to save time for both recruiters and candidates


Save time with the on-demand video interview


Kyocera began using on-demand video interviews with the clear purpose of saving time for both the recruiters and the managers involved in each selection process. The goal was to optimize the recruitment processes, replacing the preliminary phone screening and reducing the high volume of personal interviews with a solution that could combine these two phases.


The INTERVIEW solution, thanks to the on-demand video interview, allows recruiters and hiring managers to better get to know candidates during the pre-selection phase by assessing soft and hard skills, including killer questions, and allowing the company to create a candidate report. In addition to that, managers and candidates are informed about the status of the application in real time.

“The EASYRECRUE platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It has allowed us to streamline and optimize Kyocera's recruitment process. Internally, it offers transparency and visibility and helps us communicate better on processes with each collaborator."

Natalia Antequera

HR Business Partner



Reduced time to hire and an optimized selection process


  • Involving managers in the selection process from the pre-selection phase

Managers work with recruiters to design questions for the video interview according to the requirements of each position. This allows them to be involved in the selection process from the very start. This is a collaborative solution because the on-demand video interviews can be shared with managers and executives, and they can evaluate and comment. Another benefit is the platform's accessibility, because it can be accessed from anywhere, which encourages transparency and makes it easier to compile reports.


  • Optimizing the selection process

Kyocera has optimized its pre-selection phase by including the pre-recorded video interview in the first part of its recruitment process, thus reducing the volume of calls and in-person interviews needed for pre-qualification. This results in a 56% of time saved for the recruiting teams.


  • A seamless experience for the candidate

After completing the pre-recorded video interview, 82% of candidates have a very positive image of Kyocera. As long as they have a device with an internet connection, candidates can complete the on-demand video interview whenever and wherever they prefer, and 46% of video interviewees say they appreciate this flexibility.


Furthermore, the hiring managers record themselves asking questions for the pre-recorded interviews. This gives candidates a picture of Kyocera and its teams, and allows them to imagine what it would be like to work there.


All of this positions Kyocera as an innovative company, distinguishing it from its competition and attracting more talent.


Success figures



carried out in 2019



time saved on the screening phase



of candidates completed a video interview via mobile phone


days to record a video interview

Candidates are very responsive

“We create and offer a unique and innovative experience to our candidates as well as save a significant amount of time in the selection process.”

Natalia Antequera

HR Business Partner


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