ING successfully digitizes its recruitment process

ING Bank Italy has chosen EASYRECRUE solutions to implement their employer branding strategy and improve their candidate experience.


ING Group is a Dutch group offering banking services and products in more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

ING is present in Italy with Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking activities and employs around 900 people. The company was facing a number of recruiting challenges: how to manage high volumes of applications? How to increase the overall quality of those applications? How to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and involve managers more?


  • INTERVIEW >Including the on-demand and live video interview, and interview scheduling tool
ing success story


The video interview to optimize the pre-screening process.

ING chose to digitize their pre-selection phase and introduced the on-demand video interview to their teams and candidates. This allowed the company to invite and interview more candidates, increase the overall quality of applications and improve internal communication between managers and recruiters. 

"Digitizing our recruitment process and using the on-demand video interview is absolutely in line with our tech-savvy and innovative brand. ”

Chiara Taesi

HR Business Partner

ING Bank


Digitizing the recruitment process to obtain quick and measurable results.


Thanks to the EASYRECRUE solution, ING Italy created 108 campaigns, overall inviting 1650 candidates to an on-demand video interview. 1266 video interviews were recorded, corresponding to an 81% response rate. The company reduced their time to hire by 56%.

The benefits of the on-demand video interview are:

  • Improved screening quality: faster selection process and reaching the best talents

  • Involving managers: candidate profiles can be shared internally, thus involving managers in the selection process. They can create interview questions, watch video interviews in their own time and give direct feedback to recruiters on candidates.

  • Watching interviews anytime, anywhere: thanks to the on-demand video interview solution, recruiters and managers have more time to evaluate video interviews and choose the best conditions for them.

  • Meeting more candidates: the on-demand video interview solution allows to reach more candidates, increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit.

“The quality of candidates I meet in interviews has really improved. Digitizing the pre-selection process has also made it possible to invite and see more candidates. Additionally, managers appreciate being involved in the initial selection phase, as they evaluate video interviews with the recruiters.” Chiara Taesi, HR Business Partener, ING Bank.

Success Figures



invited to an on-demand video interview on average each year



created on average each year


% response rate

of candidates invited to a video interview