Test Builder
Build your own assessments


Customizable assessments

Customize and configure your skills assessments

Adapt your assessments to open positions, roles and processes.

Choose from various question types: text, multiple choice, video, and more.


Multipurpose tests

Easily assess your talent

Integrate technical and/or behavioral tests to your recruitment process.

Schools and universities can build and tailor their admission tests for students.

Design tests for employees before and after training courses to measure ROI.  

Automate result analysis to create workflows. If a candidate scores high, directly invited her to the next step of the process/assessment. 

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An improved candidate experience

Fairer assessments

Candidates take the assessments remotely, on desktop or mobile. No trip to a test center required.

Each candidate is evaluated on the same basis, making the assessment fairer.


Integrated to your ATS

Test Builder is integrated to the main Application Tracking Systems

Video questions

Option to assess candidates' business cases on video

Automated result analysis

Possibility to create workflows (series of tests) adapted to your recruitment process

User friendly

A complete toolkit for a great candidate experience: different question formats, customizable time-to-answer etc.



1 - Create your assessment

Create your assessments and choose which types of questions fit (multiple choice, video, essay etc.) and how long candidates have to answer. 

You may also create interdependent series of tests candidates take according to their scores.


2 - Invite your candidates

Invite candidates/employees to take your assessment online.



3 - Analyze test results

Automatically receive candidates' or employees' test results and discover performances per category.

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