Talent Nurturing


Build and nurture active talent pipelines...

Attract in-demand candidates with compelling content

Adapt your message to your target candidates based on their stage of interest and build proactive relationships with your talent.

Score candidates based on their level of engagement and improve their experience with your brand


… and build hire-ready lists of candidates

Stay ahead of business demand

Make the most of unused talent pools or applicant databases. Create active talent pipelines and ensure your recruitment team spends their time on the most engaged, qualified candidates.


Real-time recruiter intelligence

Identify hire-ready candidates via real time alerts

Return on investment

Tie each successful hire back to its original source and measure and optimize recruiting investments

Personalized onboarding

A complete product set-up with a Customer Success Manager to make the most of every feature

GDPR compliant

Nurture candidates while complying with
personal data laws


nurture and convert

1 - Nurture and convert

Build automated email and SMS campaigns to nurture talent and develop a relationship with passive candidates from your talent pool

score candidates

2 - Score

Identify candidates in your pipeline that are hire-ready based on their real-time engagement score


reach out

3 - Reach out

Contact the candidates and encourage them to apply

interview and assess

4 - Interview and assess

Receive qualified applications and invite them to an on-demand video interview or assessment

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