Pre-recorded online video interview

Our pre-recorded video interview will make your recruitment process simpler

Update your recruitment methods to the 21st century...

No more phone calls

Interview your applicants as if they were right in front of you...

Pre-recorded video interviews you can view on demand and share with your employees for outstanding time management.

An essential advantage for expanding your shortlists and assessing the soft skills that matter to you most.

... boost your brand image...

Surprise your applicants

Another way for applicants to find out more about your organisation, which is more interactive, dynamic and innovative.

Pre-recorded video interviews give you a chance to attend an interview anytime, anywhere, on any device.

... and enter a whole new era

Welcome to the future of recruitment

An algorithm that suggests the best profiles – even the ones you might have missed!

Multiple criteria screened: verbal content, intonation, expression, body language, etc.

Work in progress


Integrate your pre-recorded video interviews into your ATS

A solution that integrates into numerous application tracking systems (ATS).

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Multilingual advisers

A dedicated adviser to support you and help rethink your recruitment strategy. A dedicated applicant support team.

Ultra-personalised experience

A ‘mobile first’ experience for both recruiters and applicants (% of applicants complete their online interview on a tablet or mobile phone).

Dedicated R&D team

Development projects run in partnership with our customers and the research laboratories Télécom ParisTech and LIMSI-CNRS.


From large groups to SMEs, fast-growing start-ups, administrative authorities and higher-education institutions: our recruitment solutions adapt to your needs.


Large volumes of applications, time-consuming selection processes and limited resources?
easyRECrue helps you identify the best talents while keeping control of your calendar.

A lack of suitable applicants to interview?
easyRECrue helps you to sift applications by focusing on soft skills.

Lack of engagement among managers?
easyRECrue allows you to involve them right from the start, for successful collaboration.

Unattractive employer image and unengaging applicant experience?
easyRECrue makes you the innovative employer applicants expect.


Students who are difficult to classify, contact and recruit in a globalised environment?
easyRECrue breaks down barriers, time constraints and risks of cheating – and makes your life easier.

Fierce competition and applicants who are difficult to retain until they join you?
easyRECrue sets the pace for your admissions process and engages applicants in a more innovative experience.


Students who are poorly prepared for the world of work and how recruitment interviews work?
easyRECrue offers you the opportunity for them to practice and get coaching.

Are your university forums no longer enough to build relationships between students and your partner businesses?
easyRECrue makes it easier to place students with partners for work placements, internships and even their first jobs.

+ 50 % time saved on pre-screening and €500 saved per recruitment
95 % of applicants view businesses that use easyRECrue as innovative
30 % of our development effort is devoted to innovation


How does it work?

1 Start your questionnaire

Create a 100% customisable questionnaire in a few minutes. Choose the type of questions, add images, videos or both, and decide how long applicants have to answer!

Then automatically invite your applicants by email, SMS or voicemail, to respond to it.

2 Leave your applicants to answer.

Bring your applicants into your environment. Once they have logged in, applicants respond to your questions whenever they are available, wherever they are, by video or in writing, via their PC, tablet or smartphone.

3 View, evaluate, share

Evaluate, comment on and share interviews anywhere, at any time, whether you’re in the office or on the move, from your PC or mobile.

Your shortlist is ready!



A few weeks before the entry into force of the GDPR, our team is committed to the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of our clients and their candidates.

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