Live video interviews

Remove geographical barriers and hold fully secure remote online interviews with applicants in real time

Embrace Skype for recruiters…

Designed for you

Remote online interviews designed specifically for recruitment: evaluation area, document sharing (CVs and case studies), session planning tools, interview recording and sharing functionalities.

…to break down barriers…

Think globally, recruit globally!

No more geographical or mobility constraints to recreate the conditions of a face-to-face interview.

A faster process for more engaged applicants: online live video interviews mean no more geographical or mobility constraints to recreate the conditions of a face-to-face interview and a faster way of engaging applicants.

... and professionalise your recruitment

Make your life easier

Personalised communications and a home page in your corporate colours.

Secure SaaS platform with no downloading, pseudo-services... or ads!

Compliant legislative framework: better control of applicants’ personal data, explicit reference to webcam activation and limited retention period for interviews.


One platform, multiple solutions

A single platform for organising live video interviews and language tests.

Multilingual advisers

An adviser to support project implementation and follow-up. Support for applicants.

Ultra-personalised experience

Dynamic personalisation from the applicant’s home page.

Employment partners module

Functionalities to organise remote group recruitment sessions with your employment partners.


Aimed at businesses of all sizes as well as higher education institutions, our solutions adapt to numerous different situations.


Lengthy processes, lost applicants, pointless stages?
easyRECrue Live increases the pace of your recruitments and improves cooperation for increased responsiveness.

Mobility constraints, applicants too far away, high travel costs?
easyRECrue Live makes it easy to organise professional online interviews remotely.


Ongoing doubts over the quality of applications?
Stop making your students travel for no reason. easyRECrue Live lets you get answers to your questions without the need to travel.

Mobility constraints, students too far away?
easyRECrue Live makes it easy to organise admissions interviews remotely.


Coaches, teachers and students who aren’t always in the same place at the same time?
easyRECrue Live helps train students for job interviews remotely, in complete peace and quiet.

46 % of recruiters say they are happy to recruit via video conference, without any face-to-face contact (Cisco 2014)
3.4 kg of CO2 from travel saved per interview (source: INSEE)


How does it work?

1 Fill in when you are available

Publish your availability from your live calendar on easyRECrue. Then invite your applicants to choose a slot for their interview from those available.

Once it’s time, join your applicants in the conference room!

2 Hold your interviews

Hold your Live interviews however you want, using Conference Room functionalities: video conversations, document sharing and interactive comments.

3 View and share the interview

Lots of information shared? The days of the notebook and pencil are over. Once you’ve finished, you’ll still have access to the applicant’s responses and the notes added to the platform.

Then share and evaluate the applicant's video with your colleagues!



A few weeks before the entry into force of the GDPR, our team is committed to the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of our clients and their candidates.

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