Live video interviews for recruitment

Meet your candidates anytime anywhere with a remote video interview solution tailored for recruiters and hiring managers

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Meet candidates anywhere and avoid time-consuming travel

Recreate the conditions of a face-to-face interview despite the distance, with a secure interface, branded with your corporate logo and colors, without leaving the EASYRECRUE platform.

You showcase your employer brand and offer a seamless process for your candidates who can access the meeting on their computer or on their phone.


Improve collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers

Easily share notes and comments taken during the interview with all stakeholders, watch the replays, to decide faster together which candidates fit the best, saving time and reducing the amount of internal emails.


Simplify your daily tasks and gain more quality time with candidates

Our live video tool is part of the EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution that allows you to manage all your recruiting process in one place: from on-demand video interviews, to online scheduling tool and live videos.

It integrates with most ATS, so you can work and retrieve your data in your main system.


All-in-on solution

One platform for all your talent acquisition process that integrates with all main ATSs

Secure and GDPR compliant

No downloads or logins required. You know where your candidate data is stored and you define how long it is held

Automated scheduling

Online calendar on the Easyrecrue platform to share your availability with applicants

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How it works?


1 – Enter the slots when you are available

Define the recurring timeslots that you would like to block off for interviews, including breaks in between. The Interview Scheduler, part of your EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution, synchronizes with your Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail and updates your calendar automatically with any interviews scheduled.

If you prefer to select only a few slots for a specific Live Interview, you can select your availability into the Live calendar, then invite your candidates to choose the timeslots that suit them.

Shortlisted candidates receive an email with the link to choose the slot of their choice in one click on any device.

A confirmation email is sent, followed by email and text message reminders with all the necessary information.


2 - Lead the interview

On the day, directly connect with the candidate in the conference room. The candidates can connect in one click, no login or download are required, using a computer or a mobile.

During the video interview, take advantage of the document sharing and interactive annotation features to evaluate the candidate’s fit.


3 - Watch and share

You can get the video recording and your interview notes from the platform and share them with the other recruiters or hiring managers involved in the process.

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