Live Video Interview


Videoconferencing adapted to recruitment...

Designed for recruitment teams like you

Remote video interviewing designed for recruitment with document sharing, interview scheduling and an evaluation space.


…to cross borders and time zones…

Think global, hire global

Recreate the conditions of a face-to-face interview despite the distance.

Speed up your time-to-hire with the most engaged candidates.


…and professionalize your recruitment tools

Simplify your life

Customize the communications and welcome page with your corporate branding.

A secure ad-free SaaS platform, no downloads or logins required.

GDPR compliant: you know where your candidate data is stored and you define how long it is held


One single platform

One platform for all your talent acquisition solutions: from video interviews to assessments

A CSM in your language

A customer success manager to support you in deploying your project and a support team for your candidates.

Hyper-personalized experience

A dynamic personalization of the welcome page

A session scheduling tool

Online calendar on the Easyrecrue platform to share your availably with applicants and plan the interview

How it works?


1 - Enter the slots when you are available

Input your availability into the Live calendar, then invite your candidates to choose the timeslots that suit them.

On the day, directly connect with the candidate in the conference room.


2 - Lead the interview

During the video interview, take advantage of the document sharing and interactive annotation features to evaluate the candidate’s fit.


3 - Watch and share

You can get the video recording and your interview notes from the platform and share them with others involved in the hiring process.

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