easySPEAKing language tests

Video-based language assessments are an easy and quick recruitment solution to ensure your future colleagues have the language skills required for the job.

No more nasty surprises...

Testing in real conditions

The days of paper-based tests are over! With video interviews testing, your (future) employees are evaluated on their real ability to interact in a professional setting.

Cheating is impossible: video guarantees the applicant’s identity.

… take it to the next level with video interviewing…

Fast, efficient evaluation

Use the video interview platform to invite applicants, check the progress of the language tests and get the evaluations in 48 hours.

Hassle-free assessment that test takers can do anytime, anywhere in only 20-30 minutes, delivering a positive candidate experience.

... and benefit from our language experts

Experienced assessors

Language tests designed for video evaluation and corrected by certified native-speaker professionals.

No automated correction: all applicants are assessed against the CEFRL by a professional from Intercountry, an ISO OPQF accredited organisation.

The easySPEAKing difference?

European standards

Language level assessed against the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

An expert partner

Language tests designed and assessed by language experts trained by Intercountry

Oral evaluation

Finally, a test that assesses oral skills thanks to being able to do online video interviews.

Monitoring platform

Real-time tracking of language tests on the platform


Aimed at international businesses as well as higher education institutions, our solutions adapt to numerous different situations.

External recruitment

Misleading CVs, or language skills not up to par?
easySPEAKing certifies your applicants’ real level with a reliable, effective video tool.

Internal mobility

International posts you’d like to fill internally but don’t know if your employees have the right skills?
easySPEAKing tests your employees’ language skills using a completely transparent process.


Too many language courses made available indiscriminately and return on investment difficult to measure?
easySPEAKing optimises your training budget. And you can save your employees the chore of going to an assessment centre by only doing an online language test!


Do you want to manage your language training budget and investment?
Use easySPEAKing to create a skills map and prioritise needs based on the gap between the employee’s current level of proficiency and the level required for the position.

Selecting a service provider

Do you find it hard to navigate your way through so many language training courses, methods and eligibility criteria?
easySPEAKing helps you choose the right training provider based on the level of skills identified among your employees.

Calculating ROI

Can you measure the real impact of your training?
Assess your employee’s level of proficiency before and after training to find out how efficient it is and calculate your return on investment.

Internal training

Do you have a Corporate University that delivers training in English?
Now it’s easy to check whether your employees have sufficient knowledge of English to attend your training courses.


Do you want to use the statutory options available to fund your training?
easySPEAKing is eligible for CPF (personal training account) funding. Create a modern, appealing candidate experience: use of video, user-friendly application, no need to travel to an assessment centre, etc.

Admission to schools

Do you courses require a minimum level of language proficiency?
easySPEAKing guarantees that your future students are able to follow their classes, by introducing video to your language tests.

+ 50 % of business have seen major commercial deals fail due to linguistic or cultural misunderstandings (EIU)
78 % of managers place importance on the level of foreign languages
But just 28 % make their applicants take internal or external tests


How does it work?

1 Invite your applicants

Easily and automatically invite one or more applicants to take the language test of your choice. Six languages available: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

2 Test completed online

The online test consists of three sections, which applicants have to complete in a given time:

  • 5 questions to which the applicant responds orally by video
  • 8 multiple choice questions after listening to an audio extract
  • A short writing exercise of 150 words minimum

3 View the evaluation

The test is evaluated by an Intercountry language expert according to the CEFRL framework. You’ll receive the results within 48 hours.

View a sample evaluation


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