Custom HR videos


Show candidates who you are...

A 360 video experience

Professional custom videos to present your company's mission, culture and values, and help candidates visualize their future with you.

Corporate videos to give your employees a voice and talk about careers opportunities. 


…and make your recruitment process more interactive

Enhance the human touch in your digital recruitment

Videos to introduce your teams and engage your candidates.

Your interview questions on video to make your EASYRECRUE campaigns more engaging and interactive. Your candidates accepted the video challenge, why don't you?

Video case studies to assess your candidates' skills that you can integrate to your recruitment campaigns or assessment tests.


Tailored projects

Professional videos imagined by you and for you

The EASYRECRUE integration

Videos are directly integrated to your
EASYRECRUE campaigns

Bringing your story to life

From start to finish, we are here to serve your vision
and tell your story

100% video candidate experience

Video communication allows candidates to discover your company in a livelier way, enhancing the experience.


outlining the project

1 - Outlining your project

Define expectations with your project manager:

  • targets
  • type of video
  • format
  • editing (subtitles, dubbing etc.)
  • expected results

storyboard and scenario

2 - Scripting and shooting

Your EASYRECRUE contact person guides you through scripting your video or finalizing an existing storyboard, and before shooting (framing, shooting tips etc.) 



3 - Shooting your corporate video

A shooting team films in your office, supervised by your EASYRECRUE coordinator and yourself

Editing and delivering

4 - Editing and delivering

You get a first version of your corporate video ten days to three weeks after filming, depending on the size of the project.

If changes need to be made, your coordinator will validate them with you before the the final version of the project is delivered. 

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