Recruiting Chatbot


Give your candidates
a great first impression…

Make your first contact stand out

Long and complex application forms are dead.

Our chatbot guides candidates to the best-fit offers and makes applying to your company a smooth and dynamic process.


…and free your recruiters from tasks with low added-value…

Three in one

Receiving applications, sorting and pre-screening them.

An integrated experience: preliminary filter through question scoring before the application is submitted, followed by video or multiple-choice pre-screening to assess hard and soft skills


… for an optimized sourcing strategy

Finally open applications that you can use

Open applications remain a rarely tapped talent pool due to lack of tools to filter and sort through them.

The chatbot receives and segments open applications so that you can build a candidate pool and avoid the need to re-source.


3 in 1

The chatbot receives applications, sorts the CVs and pre-screens candidates with on-demand video.

A new candidate experience

Candidates are no longer subjected to never-ending forms from your ATS, they can apply to your offers in a few clicks from the chatbot.

A chatbot in your image

Our implementation team works with you through every step of the project: design, customization, deployment, milestones and KPIs.

Plug & Play

The chatbot connects to your career site and gets the available job offers from your ATS.

How does it work?


1 - Immediately engage your candidates

The candidate meets the chatbot on your career site.

She inputs criteria to find current job offers or submits an open application.


2 - Quickly qualify the application

After selecting an offer and entering her contact information, the candidate answers a few scored questions to qualify her application and submit her CV.


3 - Pre-screen with on-demand video (optional)

Here the chatbot can automatically invite the candidate to do an on-demand video interview to further qualify her skills.


4 - Shortlist the best candidates

If her application is qualified, she passes directly to the pre-screening phase where you can manually invite her to do an on-demand video interview or other assessments.

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