PLANNER: automated appointment scheduling

Your intelligent interview assistant

Coordinate your calendars…

Manage your interviews simply and easily

A weekly calendar you can adjust according to your availability


... let your applicants choose for themselves…

Automated calendar matching

Applicants can see the slots when you are available at a glance, without any need for correspondence.

They canchoose the slot that suits them best. Everyone’s a winner!

... and no more surprises!

Automation to the rescue

No more risks of a no-showthanks to automated reminders.

No more time wasted rescheduling cancelled appointments: PLANNER takes care of everything!


No tutorial required!

PLANNER connects automatically to your Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail calendars (soon).

Flexible calendar

Keep control of your calendar, anytime, anywhere: create and delete appointments in aclick or block out the times when you are unavailable.

Modular solution

PLANNER integrates perfectly with other EASYRECRUE applications.

A smooth applicant journey

PLANNER also includes an e-mail functionality and appointment-making interface in your corporate colours, with a map and directions to your office available on mobile, tablet or computer.

+ 5 h / week spent scheduling meetings
(source: https://readwrite. com/2010/10/26/businesses-waste-time-scheduling-meetings/)
12 interviews on average to recruit one employee
(source: HelloWork 2017)

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How does it work?

1 Fill in when you are available

Create the recurring slots you want to use for recruitment interviews on PLANNER, how long they should last and when you want to take a break.

PLANNER synchronises with your Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail calendars and automatically displays all your appointments.

2 Let your applicants choose

Shortlisted applicants receive an e-mail with the slots you are available and confirm the appointment they want in a single click, on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

A confirmation of the interview and reminder are sent by e-mail or text message with all the relevant information.

3 View and control from yourprofessional calendar

Your calendar updates automatically. Any change of plan? At any time, you can modify from your professional calendar:

  • your availabilities. The allocated slots shown to candidates will automatically be updated
  • your confirmed appointments. PLANNER will automatically reschedule the interview with the candidate

Now you can concentrate on your candidates!


EASYRECRUE opens office in Dubaï

This summer is going to be a hot one for EASYRECRUE: by opening a new office in Dubaï, the best-of-breed recruiting software company, enters a market with strong innovation and hiring needs.

A breeding ground for the Parisian start-up pursuing its international expansion.

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