EASYRECRUE announces partnership with Candidate.ID

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The EASYRECRUE Talent Experience platform expands its offering with an innovative talent nurturing product developed by Candidate.ID. This solution allows talent acquisition teams to improve their efficiency by building and nurturing active talent pipelines.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020



Two best-in-breed innovative HR technology companies partner up

EASYRECRUE, the HR Tech company delivering solutions such as a recruiting chatbot, on-demand video interviews and assessments, announces its partnership with the award-winning (Unleash 2018, Amsterdam/Hiring Success 2019, San Francisco) Glasgow technology start-up Candidate.ID. Candidate.ID offers the world’s first talent pipeline software and is a natural fit with the EASYRECRUE Talent Experience platform, which helps HR professionals find and attract the talent they need while optimizing the candidate experience.


Mickaël Cabrol, founder and CEO of EASYRECRUE, says of the companies’ synergy, “We are excited to partner with Candidate.ID. EASYRECRUE aims to offer talent acquisition teams a complete platform: Candidate.ID’s talent nurturing solution allows us to be there before the recruitment process begins. Talent nurturing is a brilliant idea that perfectly matches our philosophy and what we offer.”


Adam Gordon co-founder and CEO of Candidate.ID, emphasizes, “A talent pool is a gold mine when you have the right tools to make the most of it. Our innovative solution solves today’s recruitment challenges, attracting talent and helping the recruiter focus her time on building relationships with candidates. EASYRECRUE's platform is its ideal conduit.”




EASYRECRUE helps HR professionals provide a unique candidate and employee experience while liberating them from low added-value tasks. Their Talent Experience Platform, delivering a chatbot, interview scheduler, AI-driven video interviewing, language assessments and career management solution, allows our customers to optimize and digitalize their hiring, internal mobility and employee career development. Over 450 customers, including UPS, McDonalds, Volkswagen and ING Bank, use the platform on a daily basis and nearly 1 million candidates and employees have used it to further their career ambitions. www.easyrecrue.com


About Candidate.ID

Candidate.ID is the world’s first talent pipeline software and is used by world leading employers to build deep pipelines of engaged candidates for today’s and tomorrow’s hiring needs. Our unique ID.Score accurately measures a candidate’s desire to work for an organization in real time, enabling recruiters to improve the quality of shortlist and reduce costs and time to hire. Candidate.ID raised £1m investment in 2019 from Germany-based Jacobo Invest UG and UK’s Crowdcube and is used by employers including IBM, IQVIA, Specsavers and Thermo Fisher Scientific, globally. www.candidateid.com


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