EASYRECRUE opens office in Dubaï


Friday, June 28, 2019

EASYRECRUE expands its international presence with a new office in Dubaï. From this regional hub, EASYRECRUE will be able to cover Near and Middle East, from Egypt to Turkey to Saudi Arabia, where a client has been already signed. Florent Sentenac, one of EASYRECRUE’s first employees, will be taking the lead on this expansion and managing the new office.

The company already has several offices in Europe and the decision to move to the Middle East is a logical step in its business growth strategy. The Emirates market has demonstrated an appetite for innovative solutions and faces high remote recruitment volumes due to a large number of foreigners working in the region (90 to 95% expatriates).

New projects and new issues for a new market

Several weeks before the office opening on July 5th, 5 contracts have already been signed in the region with global companies, but also with major local players like Chalhoub, leader in the luxury retail market in the Middle East. “With Easyrecrue, we are able to provide our candidate and future employees with a simplified user experience and candidate journey. It enables us to reduce the drop out rate during application. It is great that they are opening their first office in the region as they can support us better and we can co-create together the ideal solution that fits everyone's need”, said Iyad Rahmeh, Head of HR Technology for Chalhoub Group.


“From a business point of view, Emiraties appreciate a local partnership, which is in line with EASYRECRUE’s growth strategy,” said Florent Sentenac. As part of this growth strategy, EASYRECRUE plans to translate its solution into Arabic to increase its appeal to companies and governmental agencies in the region, like the police force which hires 100% Emiraties.


Having an office in the Middle East is a strong symbol for us and our customers. It will allow us to strengthen our relationships with global customers and continue our international expansion, which has been part of the company’s DNA since the beginning. This is also in line with our mid-term objective: to achieve more than 50% of our revenue outside of France, said Mickaël Cabrol, CEO and co-founder of EASYRECRUE.