EASYRECRUE introduces its new
interview scheduling solution


EASYRECRUE simplifies the recruiting process for both recruiters and candidates with its new feature: automated interview scheduling, as part of the INTERVIEW solution.

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020



Automating low-value tasks

Scheduling interviews with candidates is often time-consuming for recruiters as it may require several calls and emails to agree on a date. EASYRECRUE puts an end to this with its online interview scheduler. The new feature allows recruiters to directly share their calendars and their availabilities with candidates, letting them choose the slot that suits them best.


Synchronized with professional calendars (Outlook, Gmail...), the online interview scheduling solution allows recruiters to save up to 4.8 hours per week, according to Cronofy. This is time recruiters will be able to spend meeting candidates. Automation benefits humans.


An asset for candidates’ career paths and companies’ employer brands

EASYRECRUE's new tool is customizable to match company colors and is available in 13 languages.  The SMS and email reminder option limits the average 50%* of interviews that are either cancelled or where the interviewee doesn’t show. Thanks to the interview scheduler, recruiters have a clear overview of cancelled and rescheduled interviews and can deal with unexpected and last-minute events more easily.


Candidates experience a completely transparent process and avoid back and forth calls and emails to schedule an interview, as they have more options to choose from.


"This new interview scheduling solution complements our software suite that automates low-value tasks for recruiters and improves the experience for candidates, who are already used to calendar applications in their personal lives," says Mickaël Cabrol, CEO of EASYRECRUE.





EASYRECRUE helps HR professionals provide a unique candidate and employee experience while liberating them from low added-value tasks. Our Talent Experience Platform, delivering a chatbot, interview scheduler, AI-driven video interviewing, language assessments and career management solution, allows our customers to optimize and digitalize their hiring, internal mobility and employee career development. Over 450 customers, including UPS, Volkswagen and ING Bank, use our platform on a daily basis and nearly 1 million candidates and employees have used it to further their career ambitions. The company raised over €11M since 2015 to finance R&D projects and its international development. www.easyrecrue.com


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