In September 2013, our CEO Mickaël came back from the United States with an idea that was going to make all recruiters' lives easier. What if pre-screening applicants could be made child’s play by using video? The result was EASYRECRUE and its pre-recorded video interview solutions (easyRECrue). The product range continued to grow with the arrival of Live interviews (easyRECrue Live) and language tests (easySPEAKing).

Four years later... After raising €11 million from leading investors (BPI France, Elaïa Partners, Entrepreneur Venture), EASYRECRUE is Europe's industry leader, with over 70 exceptional employees in four major cities (Paris, London, Milan and Madrid). Our solutions have already been adopted by over 400 customers (including Carrefour, Sanofi and Voyage Privé) – and we’re just getting started.


1783 ping-pong games

Average age 29

13 nationalities

5 countries

Our values

Taking risk to have an impact

Learning fast

Thinking global

Having fun


The little extras that make you feel good!

The days go quickly and each one is different...

Responsibilities that change as the company grows, a place where initiative is valued and encouraged, and managers help you excel.

... with a common mission…

High engagement and shared ambition to see the company grow and make a difference in our industry. a dynamic, supportive, international environment...

A company that’s growing fast, employees who learn fast, changes that are coming fast to France and Europe.

... with some extraordinary colleagues...

Talented, brilliant, dynamic people who are always ready to help... and good fun!


“In my office, we speak five languages. Next week I’m office swapping for a week in Milan and next year, I’m planning to open an office in...”


“I get to see the Garnier Opera House every morning on my way to work, I’m spoiled for choice at lunchtime and there’s nothing like a game of ping-pong or a nap when I need a break.”


EASYRECRUE’s Well-Being Team has now been in place for several months. Their mission? Offer all employees the best possible workplace environment and a real sense of well-being every day.

Life in the company now includes special events that help build team cohesion: breakfasts with fresh orange juice and French pastries, parties, an annual offsite, and so much more.

Carole – Head of Customer Success

Carole – Head of Customer Success

“We’re lucky to have jobs that evolve and change based on our skillsets and career goals."

Laura – International Marketing Manager

Laura – International Marketing Manager

“A company that truly values its employees […] with room for professional development” “We’re colleagues but we’re also friends”


A team that’s looking to grow... with passionate people!