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The travel and hospitality industry requires a level of service that is second to none. From the pre-screening stage onwards, our recruitment solutions provide a comprehensive overview of applicants' profiles: communication skills, cultural fit, customer interaction etc.

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We help our customers to take a fresh look at their pre-screening process for applications and modernise their interaction with applicants.


The AccorHotels Group, the world’s leading hotel operator, uses pre-recorded video recruitment as part of its digitalisation strategy.

Each hotel deals with its own recruitment locally. The solution is used primarily for hotel and catering roles.

The aim? Simplify and modernise the pre-screening phase by focusing on the human aspect and allowing the candidate to expand on the content of their CV.

Benefits of our recruitment solutions

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

Do you wish to find out more information about applicants before you meet them, and check details of their application? The pre-recorded video interview solution allows you to tailor questions to suit the business sector in question: e.g. hospitality, catering or support functions.



To meet the needs of your global customer base, your colleagues need a perfect command of English or other languages, depending on your business. easySPEAKing is an online language testing solution designed to check applicants' oral and written language proficiency as part of the recruitment process.

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Marco Vasco
Voyage Privé

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«The solutions allows us to reach a wide range of candidates because it gives everyone a chance, which is particularly interesting for jobs where we find it difficult to find qualified candidates, such as waiters, receptionists, event managers, and so on.»

Stéphane Rousseau / Employer Brand and HR Marketing Director