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Are you looking to increase the size of your teams or open new shops or stores? With our video interviewing platform, your teams will recruit the ideal applicant in record time. Our sharing features allow management and HR to seamlessly coordinate their recruitment operations at all levels, from individual stores and networks up to company HQ, across all roles from distribution to sales.

Success stories

We help our customers to take a fresh look at their pre-screening process for applications and modernise their interaction with applicants.


Norauto has decided to introduce a video format that’s popular with the younger generation!

The issue for Norauto? Access to a high-performance, practical tool for recruitment teams, operational staff and above all, candidates!

Norauto, the specialist in fast vehicle repairs, has been using video since 2014 to recruit centre managers, technicians and service centre managers in four regions in France. The result? Candidates have adopted and personalised the video interview.

Benefits of our recruitment solutions

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

Are you looking to up-sell your products, offer advice to customers and ensure your teams and stores are properly managed? Using pre-recorded video for pre-screening applicants means you can confirm aspects such as their sales skills, initiative, oral proficiency or whether they are a suitable fit for your company culture.

easyRECrue live<

easyRECrue live

In a world where applicants are increasingly on the move, our easyRECrue live solution provides a fully secure facility for interviewing applicants remotely in real time.



Are your colleagues required to sell products abroad or work in other languages? easySPEAKing is not only an online interview solution but an online language testing solution designed to check your applicants' oral and written language proficiency as part of the recruitment process.

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«A tool that also helps to select candidates whom we wouldn’t perhaps have identified as a matter of course, but who are a pleasant surprise when we invite them.»

Anne Borys – Human Resources Department
Vente Privée

«The tool meets our needs well: we are at the stage of recruiting sales staff all over France and it means we can assess the candidate’s personal presentation, way of speaking and ability to argue in response to our questions in just a few minutes.»

Olivier Le Floch / Vente Privee