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Our customers have upped the quality of the applicants they recruit thanks to video pre-screening. Why miss out?

Who are our customers?

Our applicant pre-screening solutions are used by hundreds of customers across Europe. These are deployed in universities, public and private companies and organisations, from start ups to multinationals. Our flexible, fully customisable solutions are designed to solve the majority of applicant pre-screening issues that you are likely to experience given your specific business, organisation and HR policies.

Success stories

We help our customers to take a fresh look at their pre-screening process for applications and modernise their interaction with applicants.


Norauto has decided to introduce a video format that’s popular with the younger generation!

The issue for Norauto? Access to a high-performance, practical tool for recruitment teams, operational staff and above all, candidates!

Norauto, the specialist in fast vehicle repairs, has been using video since 2014 to recruit centre managers, technicians and service centre managers in four regions in France. The result? Candidates have adopted and personalised the video interview.

What our clients say about us


«A tool that also helps to select candidates whom we wouldn’t perhaps have identified as a matter of course, but who are a pleasant surprise when we invite them.»

Anne Borys – Human Resources Department

«An innovative digital tool that’s in step with the digital environment and the tools used by major groups to recruit talented young staff.»

Tess Lau / Project manager, Student recruitment

«An innovative tool that reflects our own business, saves time and increases flexibility in our recruitment campaigns, which attract a lot of candidates.»

Emmanuelle Dam / HR Development

«The solutions allows us to reach a wide range of candidates because it gives everyone a chance, which is particularly interesting for jobs where we find it difficult to find qualified candidates, such as waiters, receptionists, event managers, and so on.»

Stéphane Rousseau / Employer Brand and HR Marketing Director

«The tool saved us a lot of time at the pre-screening phase, so we could concentrate on the shortlist.»

Hervé Paolini / COO
Crédit Agricole

«An easy-to-use solution and a committed EASYRECRUE team that knew exactly how to meet our specific needs.»

Antoine Perrigault – HR Sector Manager at the Caisse Régionale du Morbihan
GL events

«The fact that the tool is easy to learn and saves time sorting through applications, the interactivity offered by the webcam interview and the tool’s adaptability, which means we can customise the interview precisely to fit the post and the particular points we want to explore to select the most suitable candidate.»

Maxime Chochoy / Human Resources Manager

«It does what it promises: a faster recruitment process and added value from the very valuable video. The tool is simple and intuitive.»

Emmanuelle Nave – Director of Human Resources
Vente Privée

«The tool meets our needs well: we are at the stage of recruiting sales staff all over France and it means we can assess the candidate’s personal presentation, way of speaking and ability to argue in response to our questions in just a few minutes.»

Olivier Le Floch / Vente Privee