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A number of key industry players have signed up with us to digitise and streamline their applicant pre-selection stage. Our customers are from industries as diverse as the automotive sector, aviation, pharmaceuticals, energy, environment and the agri-food industry, with roles ranging from engineers to technical designers to purchasers, for VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) posts, internships, work experience and older workers.

Success stories

We help our customers to take a fresh look at their pre-screening process for applications and modernise their interaction with applicants.


Innovative video pre-screening that reflects Valeo’s own image!

Valeo uses easyRECrue to recruit interns, apprentices, volunteers for international experience (VIE) and older workers to facilitate the process of dealing with numerous applications for engineering and support roles.

The collaborative platform makes it easier to respond to management expectations during the recruitment process. The result? More motivated applicants and easier decision-making!

Benefits of our recruitment solutions

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

It is not always easy to determine whether an applicant has the relevant technical skills for your specific area of industry on the basis of their CV. Using pre-recorded video interviews, you can ask your applicants specific questions and check their abilities and motivation, and further, ensure they are a good fit for your company.

easyRECrue live<

easyRECrue live

Have you selected an applicant but they are living abroad or unable to travel to an interview? Are you looking to check some of their details before meeting applicants face to face? Our easyRECrue live solution provides the facility to conduct fully secure remote interviews with applicants in real time.



Do your colleagues liaise in international settings or regularly deal with international suppliers or work on projects across the globe? easySPEAKing is not only an online interview solution but an online language testing solution designed to check applicants' oral and written language proficiency.

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Omega Pharma
Dassault Aviation
Procter & Gamble

What our clients say about us


«An innovative tool that reflects our own business, saves time and increases flexibility in our recruitment campaigns, which attract a lot of candidates.»

Emmanuelle Dam / HR Development