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The use of digital tools is key to promoting a forward-thinking image to prospective students and ensuring they are better prepared for the world of work. Our pre-screening solutions are used by prestigious colleges and universities as an innovative way of selecting students and verifying their language proficiency, as well as introducing them to the latest recruitment methods used by today's companies.

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We help our customers to take a fresh look at their pre-screening process for applications and modernise their interaction with applicants.


Innovative admissions procedures!

EMLYON, France’s third-largest business school, selects its students using a pre-recorded video interview for its specialist Master’s programmes at its French and international campuses.

EMLYON is introducing a new kind of tool as part of the school’s digital strategy. The aim? Make the process of selecting and evaluating students easier and more objective.

Benefits of our recruitment solutions

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

Are you looking to reduce the time spent on future recruitment and attract a higher calibre of applicants? With the pre-recorded video interview solution, you produce a series of customised questions that your students reply to by video. Are you looking to coach your students and better prepare them for the latest recruitment methods used by employers? easyRECrue is also designed to assist with training students on video interview techniques.

easyRECrue live<

easyRECrue live

If you require a little more information about your candidates' applications, our easyRECrue live solution lets you conduct real-time remote interviews with students abroad.



Are you looking to check your students' language proficiency? easySPEAKing is not only an online interview solution but an online language testing solution designed to check your applicants' oral and written language proficiency.

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«An innovative digital tool that’s in step with the digital environment and the tools used by major groups to recruit talented young staff.»

Tess Lau / Project manager, Student recruitment