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Do you handle large volumes of applicants for administration, consultancy or support roles? Are you looking for the accounts manager who will offer the right financial product to your customer at the right time? Our pre-screening solutions will allow you to select the best applicants quickly and easily from the hundreds of applications you receive.

Benefits of our recruitment solutions

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

easyRECrue pre-recorded interview

In a marketplace offering a rich diversity of employment opportunities, pre-recorded video interviews provide a means to ensure that applicants have the required motivation, skills and expertise in a diverse range of highly specialist fields: consumer banking, loans and mortgages, insurance, private banking, finance and investment banking, etc.

easyRECrue live<

easyRECrue live

The global nature of recruitment in banking and finance can make it difficult and expensive for applicants to travel to face-to-face interviews. Our easyRECrue live solution provides the facility to conduct fully secure remote interviews with applicants in real time.



Good language proficiency, particularly in English, is vital for most banking and finance roles. easySPEAKing is not only an online interview solution but an online language testing solution designed to check applicants' oral and written language proficiency and knowledge of business terminology.

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What our clients say about us

Crédit Agricole

«An easy-to-use solution and a committed EASYRECRUE team that knew exactly how to meet our specific needs.»

Antoine Perrigault – HR Sector Manager at the Caisse Régionale du Morbihan

«It does what it promises: a faster recruitment process and added value from the very valuable video. The tool is simple and intuitive.»

Emmanuelle Nave – Director of Human Resources