Applying for a job with a smartphone, and recruiting the ideal employee with a dedicated app are just some of the new developments in modern recruitment. So-called m-recruitment is all the rage among job seekers, primarily in the Y & Z generation which is online all the time. Mobile users can easily find the job of their dreams, in the same way they find their next relationship. The web? That was yesterday. Mobile recruitment is leading an HR revolution.

Mobile recruitment: an essential part of your HR strategy

The mobile internet and apps are experiencing exponential growth among mobile users. According to a recent study, consumers installed 30 apps on their smartphone (six of which are paid). The study highlights mass use of video applications (66% of those surveyed said they used their smartphone to watch and/or produce videos, with 12% watching them daily). Some of the most commonly used apps are messaging and social media services; 70% of those questioned are users of social networks, with 38% logging in to their personal page at least once a day.

The recruitment sector has been quick to grasp the opportunity. The first wave of dedicated job-search apps for use on a smartphone began in 2010 with the arrival of the main job boards and recruitment firms, which first produced mobile versions of their websites, and then apps. They include: Hays, Michael Page, Monster and Adecco, etc. This first wave of apps allowed applicants to view vacancies on their smartphone, save them and then apply for them once they were back in front of a computer at home.

A number of developments have gradually been introduced to enhance the functionality of these apps, including geolocation of vacancies, affinity matchingone-click applications, advice videos, interview coaching, etc. These apps are highly intuitive, user-friendly, in-line with applicants’ expectations, and are gradually making traditional job-search sites, which can be demoralising and are extremely time-consuming, obsolete. For recruiters, it is a great opportunity to go out and meet employees who have embraced digital technologies and are in step with changing patterns of behaviour.

Recruit the best employees with mobile technology!

Whether you are ready for it or not, the most talented people you could be hiring are already looking at job advertisements using their mobile phones on professional networks and dedicated apps, whether they are already in a job or not. Whether you are travelling on public transport, in a restaurant, or waiting in a queue … the mobile phone has become an essential tool at any time. Your future applicants, therefore, expect to find your vacancies directly from their mobile and to be able to apply quickly and in just a few clicks. 

Mobile apps now make it possible to post advertisements very easily on devices whose ergonomics and functionalities have been carefully thought through

With the easyRECrue solution, applicants can record their pre-recorded video interview directly from their smartphone. Simple and intuitive, the application is designed to optimise the user experience. Once the video has been recorded, you can view it with your team, share it and quickly identify your next star performer!

What’s next for mobile recruitment?

Mobile recruitment certainly has more to offer and is growing rapidly. According to one study, in 2014 40% of businesses that responded had already switched to mobile recruitment. The figure was 55% in 2015. Will it reach 70% in 2016?

Recruiters don’t want to miss out on qualified applications by taking the risk of not being represented on mobile platforms. Not all business sectors are at the same level in the use of mobile technology for recruitment: banking and auditing lead the field and are developing dedicated applications for recruiting staff. Have all these reasons persuaded you to switch to mobile? Go for it!

Do you want to know more about m-recruitment? Download our white paper to find out more about tools to help you digitise your recruitment process.


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