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18 June 2019 / / chatbot, bot, HR tools

What does Easyrecrue's BOT do?

Have you resolved to speeding-up your recruitment process whilst still ensuring the best match between your candidates and your open positions? There are many HR staff that don’t even bother taking a look at unsolicited applications; but imagine if they were a true hub of talent and that you had the right tools to compile, classify and shortlist all these disorganised applications. Imagine no more: easyRECrue’s chatbot combines these three steps into one. 

‘3-in-One’ oil, ‘3-in-One’ dishwasher tablets... but what about ‘3-in-One’ HR tools? EasyRECrue’s bot is the latest thing! And it has a very clear goal: combining the first three steps of the recruitment process: CV collection, sorting and shortlisting in just one solution. But how? By integrating the chatbot directly into your website’s recruitment portal to guide candidates towards the vacancies that best suit their profile, through a simple application process that also optimises the recruiters’ tasks.

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1. The Bot compiles the CVs 

They have come to an end: paper CVs are have died. Long live digital CVs! Well, they haven't really died, but they have changed with the digitalisation of HR processes. That’s because they are still the main tool of visibility for the candidate and of presentation for the recruiter. So, where does the CV collection take place? In most cases, companies have ATSs that compile both the CVs of the candidates that apply to vacancies posted on their job sites or sent by email, and the paper CVs collected in job fairs. After being compiled by the ATS, they need to be centralised to proceed to the stage of analysis and sorting. But what happens with all the CVs that are received spontaneously and that are not linked to any vacancy in particular? 

It’s estimated that around two thirds of the 4.2 Spaniards who sought a job in 2016 sent an unsolicited application. But to be honest, few recruiters took advantage of this hub of candidates: most of them started the process from scratch, by publishing a job offer for each new open position. Yet, the golden candidate could have been in their inbox. All of this results in high costs and a waste of time.

EasyRECrue’s chatbot helps to centralise CV collection for each vacancy and group the whole set of unsolicited applications to build a hub of talent. How does it work? -When candidates start to interact with the chatbot, they are given the option to search for a vacancy that matches their skillset or send an unsolicited application. In the first case, if no vacancies match the candidates’ characteristics, they will be redirected to the second option.

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In order to continue, candidates provide their contact details, customise their search (type of post, contract, starting date, location, etc.) by answering a set of questions that will help the recruiter sort them. To finish off, they can attach their CV, which will be incorporated right away into the hub of talent of easyRECrue’s platform. It’s an intelligent hub because HR staff can filter the applications at all times, according to prerequisites, and access the CVs of the candidates that fulfil the desired requirements. For example, for a sales position open in France, the chatbot will be able to filter the candidates by geographical area – France – and, of course, by post – sales –. It can’t get any easier!

2. The Bot sorts and filters applications

A chatbot is a robot; an algorithm that allows HR staff to save time. When the first virtual assistant models were released, they were panned by critics. Its detractors argued that they dehumanised the selection processes. However, as experts clearly outline, how can a human filter as much as 1.2 million CVs received per vacancy? We know that this isn’t the case for every company, but it’s also true that one of the biggest challenges for HR staff is managing large numbers of applications. Because, of the total number of CVs received per vacancy, how many of them are pertinent? And by pertinent we mean those that really fulfil the key criteria to fill the vacancy: availability, location, type of post, necessary experience, required skills, etc.

The aim is to avoid not losing a single second in sorting CVs of candidates that don’t fulfil the requirements for the job. EasyRECrue’s chatbot takes charge of the first filtering of applications, as if it were an HR assistant. Candidates search for the job offer they are most interested in and they then answer a series of marked questions that have been -set by the HR team, aiming to find out whether there’s a first match. If the score is sufficiently high, candidates will be invited to apply for the job at hand (together with their details and CV). Otherwise, they will be redirected to a different vacancy that better matches their profile or be invited to send an unsolicited application.

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3. The Bot shortlists candidates

CV sorting and analysis eventually lead to the tedious pre-screening stage. Because, how can we assess candidates shortly before interviewing them face-to-face? In the past, an over-the-phone pre-selection discarded the least suitable candidates. This type of pre-screening required a lot of time and revealed very little or nothing about candidates’ soft skills and personality traits. For this reason, there’s an increasing number of companies that opt for solutions such as video interviews.

The Bot allows companies to conduct a graded pre-selection of the applications, helping HR staff to go further and only invite the most suitable candidates to a pre-recorded video interview. It’s fine if candidates close the chatbot’s window, as the conversation link to the video interview will be accessible for four days (in compliance with the regulation imposed by GDPR). This way, candidates will be able to do the video interview whenever they feel ready within the deadline set by the recruiter. Then, HR staff will receive the candidates’ videos directly on their easyRECrue platform or on their ATS.

4. The Bot offers an improved application experience!

Chatbots are on a roll and it’s no wonder why, as they respond to the new needs of companies and candidates: flexibility, availability, instantaneousness and simplicity. We must admit that these are 4 needs that HR staff struggle to find, given the complexity and multiple tasks linked to their job.

The chatbot is a service that is available 24/7 which immediately answers the questions asked by visitors on any device. EasyRECrue’s chatbot informs, gives advice and guides the candidates in their job search and helps them to easily find the vacancies published by the company. The solution is customisable: colours, avatar, background... so you can display your company’s colours. Moreover, the chatbot is available in 11 languages to fulfil your international recruitment challenges.

The Bot is the first interaction with candidates: it’s simple, as the application only takes a few clicks and the candidates who don’t fulfil the criteria (availability, required years of experience or geographic mobility) are discarded and don’t lose their time applying for a job for which they’re not prepared. Instead, they're redirected to other offers that better match their profile.

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Published by Jesus Linares
on 18 June 2019

chatbot , bot , HR tools

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