What do candidates really think about the on-demand video interview?

While recording an on-demand video interview can sometimes be surprising for candidates, our annual survey shows that more and more candidates have already gone through the experience, enjoyed it and considered it innovative. As a reminder, before being selected for a face-to-face interview, they answer a series of questions through video. Here is what they have to say.

Each year, we ask candidates what they think about the on-demand video interview. After each candidate is finish recording an interview on our platform, we give them a chance to tell us how they feel about the product and experience through a series of questions. This survey helps us measure overall satisfaction and identify pain points and areas of improvement for our product. More than one candidate out of two agrees to give us his or her feedback. We have therefore compiled some of these results in the following infographic.

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Candidate experience first

This year again, we noticed candidates are becoming more and more familiar with this type of experience. An increasing number of companies are choosing to digitalize their recruitment process with the on-demand video interview. The health crisis has of course boosted the numbers and pushed HR teams to automate and optimize their processes to focus on more human tasks. Hence why improving the candidate experience on our platform makes more sense than ever.

Upstream, candidates are informed about the best conditions for recording their interviews and given tips as well as dedicated support service. They can take their video interview on mobile, tablet (for 51% of them) or computer. Thanks to an intuitive interface and advanced technology, they are naturally guided through the process.

Key figures of the candidate experience with EASYRECRUE by iCIMS video interviewing

In its earlier days, the video interview made an impression because of its practicality (80% of candidates). Today the innovative nature of the interview is the most important for candidates.

The employer brand is also valued, since 83% of candidates who record a video interview have a positive image of the company for which they are applying.

If you would like more information on how to pre-select your candidates and how to quickly identify the best candidates, download our free ebook.

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