Video interviewing: 10 tips for hiring managers

Choosing to pre-screen candidates thanks to the pre-recorded video interview is a great opportunity to involve managers in the hiring process. You can ask them to actively participate in the selection of their future employees by sharing candidate videos with them.

However, the evaluation exercise is not a simple one. Not for you of course, as a recruiter, you are a specialist! But for some hiring managers, the process is not always easy, and they might need pointers. We have listed for you some tips to guide your managers with video interview evaluation. And who knows, some of them may be useful to you too?

Here are 10 good practices to help hiring managers with video interview evaluation:

1. Create interview questions with the manager

Be sure that the right questions are asked to assess the targeted hard and soft skills. For example, asking the candidate to describe a situation in which he or she had to solve a complex problem enables us to assess resistance to stress, perseverance, and why not creativity.

2. Find the right environment

Watching video interviews requires a certain amount of attention, but it is not always easy to stay focused after several screenings. Suggest that they block one or more short slots in their schedules and move to a quiet place. Thanks to the EASYRECRUE mobile application, some of them can also assess interviews during their travelling or commuting time.

3. Think about what is important to them

To avoid recruitment bias as much as possible, ask managers to list the elements (hard and soft skills, years of experience, degrees, etc.) they consider important and the disqualifying ones. This will allow you to include precise questions in the interview, for example on availability or salary, to eliminate some candidates without having to look at all the questions and save time.

4. Do not look at the first question first

Or if you choose to do so, do not stop there, even if you have mixed feelings about the candidate's answer. Take a good look at the following answers. Candidates tend to reveal themselves and relax as they go along.

5. Watch (or read) the final question carefully

Especially if it is an open-ended question. Generally speaking, this is the time when the candidate is most comfortable. This question thus provides valuable insights into the candidate's motivation and personality.


6. Share feedback

One of the major advantages of the pre-recorded video interview is precisely to encourage sharing. Feedback from each hiring manager allows you to maintain accuracy and fairness in the pre-selection.

7. Beware of biases

No one is safe from biases so staying aware of this issue if the key to more objective hiring. Discuss this with managers and encourage them to also give atypical candidates a chance: they may not have the school or degree your managers are looking for, but some may have great potential and other skills to bring to the team.

8. Be empathetic

87% of candidates have never experienced remote hiring. Remind your managers of that so they do not judge too harshly candidates that don’t perform as well as they could because they are still adapting. To avoid this, we recommend starting off with a very simple first question at the beginning of the interview.

9. Recruitment is about more than having a good feeling about someone

A job description is associated with specific skills that you may have listed with your managers prior to the recruitment process. It is recommended to associate specific criteria to these skills in an evaluation grid that you will give managers and that you can also pair with an evaluation scale to help them assess the level of each candidate.

10. Respect the law

This may seem obvious to you, but your managers may not be aware that, even on an internal platform, it is forbidden to comment on physical traits and/or to refer to an ethnic group, a disability, a religion, etc. Inform them and get rid of any possible discriminatory comment ("too old", "health problems", "neglected appearance", etc.).

Finally, encourage your managers to give feedback and share information! As a result of viewing the interviews, they may have ideas for improvement. If they are not convinced by the answers and/or questions asked, suggest that they take a moment to review the interview and add some business specifics.

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