3 Reasons Why Your Video Interview Platform Must Have a Recruiter and Candidate App for 2018

Among the mountain of challenges recruiters face in 2018, lack of time is one of the most difficult to overcome. Our daily roles are so time poor, it's difficult at times to stay afloat.

The era of automation and recruitment technology has allowed us some respite from menial tasks. From deploying an ATS, to assessing candidates via video interviewing, we have made great strides in automating some of the most basics tasks senior recruiters were burdened with just 5 years ago.

The nature of business means, we remain time poor and have less time to focus on long-term strategy and objectives. As work becomes more mobile, we travel more, we work on the move and we answer emails just before drifting off to sleep.

To assess candidates efficiently in 2018, we must embrace using our mobile devices for all stages of the recruitment process. The candidate assessment stage is overlooked often, but is one of the most time consuming tasks.

With most organisations utilising video interviewing, it's important your platform can provide you and your hiring managers with the flexibility to review candidates on the move. A good video interviewing platform will also combine a candidate app and a recruiter app.

The benefits of a recruiter app include:

  1. View and review candidates anywhere at anytime
  2. Hiring managers can use the recruiter app to collaborate with their mobile team. Leading to faster responses to candidate evaluation.
  3. See how your teams are rating candidates when you are on the move.

The benefits of a candidate app include:

  1. Allows candidates to complete interviews anywhere
  2. Does not require candidate to access a computer
  3. Improves candidate journey and employer brand


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