How can structured interviews limit recruiting bias?

The structured interview is a proven, reliable interviewing method to limit recruiting biases. From a candidate perspective, it is also the...

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Summer reading selection for HR professionals

This first half-year was unlike anything we have seen before. We hope you get to enjoy a summer break nonetheless and find the resources to be...

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5 tips for candidates to have a successful pre-recorded video interview

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations, you are about to participate in an innovative recruiting experience: pre-recorded video interviewing. Instead of...

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100 interview questions to identify soft skills

How do you identify your candidates’ soft skills in interviews? Asking pertinent and precise questions is a way to get different, original, and...

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Attracting, converting, and retaining talent in the “new normal”

Last June, Erin Douglas, Director of Sales Enablement at EASYRECRUE, sat down with Scot McRae, Co-founder, and COO of Candidate.ID to discuss how...

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