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6 ideas to help you choose between two great candidates

You did it! You have analyzed hundreds of CVs, preselected around 20 candidates (via a pre-recorded video...

#Skills Assessment #Language Tests #Digital Recruiting

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4 tips to avoid a Talent Experience nightmare

Unfortunately, costume parties will not be happening this year but this doesn't mean Halloween is...

#Digital Recruiting #Employer Branding

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How to successfully digitalize talent assessments

Talent assessment is key to any recruitment process and identifying the right talent for the right...

#Skills Assessment #Language Tests

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What is CV/Resume parsing?

CV parsing speeds up the application process for candidates and data processing for recruiters. How? By...

#Employer Branding #Digital Recruiting

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8 candidate cognitive biases you should know

There’s no getting around it: even as your judgment as a recruiter can be skewed by mental gymnastics that...

#skills mapping #Skills Assessment

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