4 tips to a more engaging career website

If you’ve read our European Candidate Experience Report, you are aware of how important offering a smooth and engaging career path is for your candidates. And this starts from the moment they enter your career website, which is why employer branding is so essential. Employer brand is about more than values, corporate culture and jobs you offer. And you can communicate that on your career site. And what are the prerequisites for a truly differentiating career site?

Here are our 4 tips to a more engaging site: be attractive, be accessible - think mobile, keep it simple and make it seamless.

Before we get into it, it's interesting to remind ourselves the main lessons we learned from the Candidate Experience Report to know where to act first. Indeed, if today's candidates say they are mostly satisfied with the interfaces and design of career spaces, they no longer want to spend hours looking for offers and filling in application forms. It takes on average over 6 minutes and up to 41 clicks to submit an application from the moment one opens the page. This proves application processes are still too long, time-consuming, and undoubtedly discourage many candidates.

Tip #1: Be attractive

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Your career site is often the first image a candidate will get of your company as an employer. Be sure your website reflects what you wish to communicate to future talent and focus on design as much as content. For example, HR custom videos are a great way to introduce your teams and open positions, as well as life and work in your company. However, your job descriptions are also an essential part of attractiveness as an employer. Being clear, straight to the point, and transparent about tasks and responsibilities translate more about company culture and values than you'd expect. For candidates, an attractive career website is interactive and intuitive. They want to be able to find the information they need quickly.

Tip #2: Be accessible, think mobile

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Being accessible means making your candidates' experience on your site as smooth as possible. With 54% of candidates applying from their mobile phones, this means having a mobile-friendly website. It's important to not add complexity to the journey and allow them to find what they're looking for, fast. Wondering if a mobile app would be relevant to solve this issue? Unfortunately, only large groups that benefit from a strong brand image can afford this, as well as the consequent budget required to develop a good quality app.

Tip#3: Keep it simple 

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Helping candidates find their way easily on your career site and the information they came to get can make a difference in attracting talent. It takes on average 13 clicks to find a relevant job ad on European career websites but tools such as recruiting chatbots can be a way to solve this, while enhancing your employer brand and positioning you as an innovative company on the HR side. Using scored questions to filter applications is a simple means to centralize the most relevant ones while allowing candidates to apply immediately once they find their match. Both recruiters and candidates benefit from this: recruiters only receive qualified applications and candidates don’t spend time applying for a position they would not be considered for.

Tip #4: Make the process seamless


Making the candidate's journey as smooth as possible ensures they will go through the whole process. 60% of candidates say they’ve dropped out of a process they found to be too long. Implementing an "easy apply" option or automatic fill-in from a CV or a LinkedIn profile guarantees an efficient application process. If those solutions are becoming more and more popular it’s mostly because they match today’s candidates wishes: the death of account creation to apply.

The best way to improve is still to put yourself in a candidate’s shoes and live the full experience from their perspective. It can be difficult to get rid of biases when it’s your own site but try to look for a job offer as if you arrived on your career website for the first time. How long does it take? How many clicks? Is it intuitive enough? Do you like the design? What could be changed and optimized? These questions will guide you to understanding what your candidates may be missing. Perhaps this is the right time to audit your written or video content and look for new ways to be more attractive through custom HR videos, the integration of a recruiting chatbot or a CV parsing solution, to name a few ideas.

Wish to learn more about candidate experience on career websites?

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