How talent nurturing transforms passive candidates into hire-ready applicants

As the “war for talent” rages and as employees become harder to retain, leveraging talent pools through talent nurturing has become a key to recruiting success.

Perhaps you’ve heard your colleagues in marketing talk about “lead nurturing”, to convert their leads into customers. Talent nurturing is directly inspired by this method to acquire top talent by developing interest and creating a relationship with candidates before, during, and after the hiring process.

Why is creating a relationship with candidates important?

Think about your recruitment process. You post your job ad on a super optimized career site and on the most relevant job boards, you filter and screen applications with the help of top tools to save time on low-values tasks (we hope), interview talent thanks to a seamless digitized process, to eventually hire your dream candidate. Acing it!

But what happens to good candidates you interview but don’t hire? Or the 60% of candidates that drop out of your recruiting process because of lengthy forms to fill to apply? And all the other potential candidates that are not even aware your job offers exist?

Chances are your company already has a very big database of candidates that previously applied to open positions and showed positive interest in your brand. Having to start from scratch for every new job opening is a great waste of time for talent acquisition teams. Relying on expensive job boards and screening through every unqualified application is something that can, and we believe should, be avoided. 

Talent nurturing to transform passive candidates into engaged applicants

Talent nurturing is about treating your future hires like customers to boost candidate experience, reduce hiring costs and time to hire, while providing insights. Nurturing them, even when you don’t have openings to match their profiles, shows you acknowledge and value their person and their skills.

Integrating them to workflows to share content by email or SMS or engaging on social media are ways of doing this. The type of content depends on who you are as a company and what you wish to share with potential future employees.

Marketer Joe Pulizzi suggests the 4-1-1 rule: for every 6 messages, 4 should be non-promotional, educational or fun, 1 should be “soft promotion”, and 1 “hard promotion”. Applied to HR, this can mean sharing internal initiative, where you might be opening new offices, perhaps you have a diversity program or original perks you would like to put forward, as well as job ads of course. Engaging with candidates is a good way to communicate and develop your employer brand and understand what people are interested in.

Once you’ll be hiring for a new position, before going through the “traditional” process of posting your job ad everywhere, you’ll be able to look into a “hire-ready” list of nurtured candidates that have been engaged with your company and know what you’re about, and receive higher quality applications.

The right talent nurturing tools make this easy and accessible to talent acquisition teams with no HR marketing experience. Recruiters stay on top of trends and best practices to face the ever-changing digital landscape.


Ready to transform passive candidates into engaged applicants?

Learn more about how to make the most of your talent pools and build hire-ready lists candidates.

We hosted a webinar that shares everything you need to know on the topic!

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This webinar deep dives into how talent nurturing makes your hiring more effective and details how to build a hire-ready list of candidates. We present key examples of organizations that have used talent nurturing to hire better and faster.


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