6 irrefutable reasons talent nurturing is essential to your business

On today’s highly competitive and candidate-driven market, companies are faced with the challenge to innovate and turn to new solutions to nurture their talent. When you realize 73% of prospective candidates spend less than 30 seconds on your career website (Riminder), it’s pretty clear traditional hiring methods are not enough anymore, and businesses must provide personalized experience to their talent continuously to have any chance of attracting top talent. Methods vary but what we’d like to focus on today, is how to attract talent before the application process begins.

Implementing a talent nurturing strategy through talent pipeline automation is the best way to do that. The idea is to nurture your existing talent pools, which probably already contain just the talent you are looking for, to convert potential candidates into successful hires. 

Here are the main reasons why we believe your business will benefit from a talent nurturing solutions thanks to talent pipeline automation.

1. Talent shortage

Have you ever googled “talent shortage”? New facts, reports and studies come out every day about how talent shortage is a real issue companies are facing in every country and for various positions. According to Gartner, this problem has become the top emerging risk organizations face globally in 2019. Reskilling or upskilling to fill the skills gap is a key action organizations must put in place with their employees to anticipate future changes and innovations on the market, and stay up to speed. But when companies struggle before hiring happens, talent nurturing makes the most sense. Building and strengthening relationships with potential candidates and showing recruiters’ genuine interest in one’s professional profile before the application process, is a strategy that could make a real difference for your target candidates and set you apart from the competition. Which brings us to our next point.

2. Traditional hiring methods are simply not enough anymore

Traditional hiring models are showing signs of defeat as talent acquisition managers struggle to attract, hire and retain top talent. Several factors are the cause of this, among which economic shifts, changes in mentality and people’s relationships to their careers, swifts in demographics etc., all of which are out of the control of HR professionals. The term “talent war” was coined in 1999 and it is still very much a current and relevant. It’s time to reconsider the experience those candidates are getting and investing in and maintaining strong pipelines of potential candidates. By continuously engaging with qualified candidates through social media, email, SMS or other methods, companies provide a personal experience with talent that could lead to job offers later.

3. You’ll gain critical insights on your talent pools

Personalization is the way to go with talent nurturing. This is why digitizing this step of your process will give you a head start on landing top hires, as you gain insights on critical talent pools thanks to the magic of data. Ongoing dialogue with candidates helps recruiters understand and address issues said candidates may have, as well as know what they are interested in, what they prefer, what they are looking for, to adapt and improve accordingly. Additionally, knowing your talent gives you precious data on sourcing methods and which ones will be more effective for future similar positions, thus optimizing and saving on sourcing costs. Identifying interesting and interested candidates as such before your job opening is published or before they apply, gives you an advantage you would not have is you solely relied on external marketplaces.

4. Nurture while you sleep

One of the many wonders of digitization is probably automation. Implement your nurturing strategy by building workflows to fit your objectives and let the magic happen. Workflows can be as flexible as you wish and give you keys to precisely measure recruiting success. If the idea sounds appealing yet confusing, know that the right tools exist to make the task as easy and seamless as it gets for your talent acquisition teams to build the best workflows. Once you launch them, the work gets done for you while you get to focus on your more human tasks.

5. Hire better, faster, cheaper

Not to sound like a Daft Punk song, digitizing talent nurturing through pipeline automation redefines the recruitment experience by providing solutions that save time, increase productivity, reduce the barriers to candidate contact, and enhance their early interactions with potential employers. Both candidates and recruiters benefit from the experience.

6. Candidates are the new customers

Stating the obvious, your organization is selling something: a product, a service, a brand, a cause…? However, how well are you selling yourself as an employer or as a great place to work and to develop professionally? Think of it this way; you’ve probably experienced entering a store to buy the most amazing product, or a great restaurant where the food is said to be incredible, but received a less than charming welcome, which kind of ruined your experience. Same goes for your candidates. No matter how world-changing your mission or product may be, the people make you who you are. Provide the best experience is the way to attract, convert and retain talent, while differentiating yourself from competitors.

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