EASYRECRUE introduces the Talent Experience Platform

In a world where people can order a cab or a pizza in one click, why should recruiting lag behind?

With today’s shifting workforce landscape, HR professionals more than ever have the strategic mission to find the right talent, at the right time, in the right place, and to retain this talent. There are three ways of doing this: through external hiring, internal mobility and upskilling and reskilling. However, companies are struggling.

The data speaks for itself: 90% of organizations report a skills gap and 67% of large organizations say they cannot find the skills they need. Employees are not at ease either since 70% are anxious about the future of work and worried they lack the necessary skills to stay employable. Add a job-hopping generation representing 35% of the workforce to the mix and you get the crucial need for employers to rethink their strategies to attract, convert and retain talent.

Enters the Talent Experience Platform, our brand-new solution suite to optimize the talent lifecycle every step of the journey, from candidate engagement to employee career development.

Our Talent Experience Platform is organized around four modules, each tackling key touchpoints between candidates, employees and HR teams.

  • The ENGAGE solution to attract and convert more candidates with an engaging career site – featuring a chatbot and corporate videos.
  • The INTERVIEW solution to meet the best candidates faster by automating your recruiting process – starring video interview boosted by AI, and an online scheduler.
  • The ASSESS solution to help you make the right hiring decisions with our innovative assessments.
  • The DEVELOP solution to boost retention and facilitate internal mobility by empowering your talent.


Watch our VP of Product François Vimond present the four solutions and detail how each work.

Learn more about how each solution can help attract, convert and retain talent, and transform your candidate and employee experiences.




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