Sprinter uses video interviews to run its recruitment process better and faster

Sprinter is offering all types of Sportswear and casual clothes for everyone who makes sports their way of life. Part of the Iberian Sports Retail Group with JD Sports, Sport Zone and Size?, the group is covering over 6,000 people with 330 stores across Spain and Portugal.

In a time of tremendous growth and increase of the number of processes, how does the HR department manage to reduce time and optimise processes?

The Iberian Sports Retail Group’s Human Resources team shares their pre-recorded video interview easyRECrue experience with us.

We chose EASYRECRUE because it was a highly innovative platform in continuous growth; the product convinced us, so we’ve trusted EASYRECRUE ever since.”

Iberian Sports Retail Group, Human Resources team.

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#1 The ideal tool for skills assessment

sprinter_2Video interviewing helps the selection team after initial contact with the candidate over the phone. Thanks to the pre-recorded video interview, the recruiter can assess soft skills and the more technical knowledge without needing to set a time to meet with the candidate.
To assess technical skills, Sprinter uses a skills-based section methodology with an 8 questions test covering both the skills and technical aspects related to the position. Once the video interview is assessed, the candidates’ profiles are shared with the hiring managers in order to get a comprehensive view.


#2 Improve both employer branding and candidate experience

Sprinter bets on its employer branding by sending a personalised email to each selected candidate for the video interview with a direct link too a landing page customised to the company’s identity, and by sharing the corporate video. Candidates tend to really appreciate this process, sending out a positive message of the company.

#3 Both recruiters and candidates benefit from it

sprinter_1The proof lies in the figures! Sprinter candidates answer within 1,8 days on average and 87% of candidates that receive an invitation to the video interview go ahead with it. The liberty of recording the video using the mobile app or a computer is a great help : 31% of the candidates are doing it on their mobile phone.
Sprinter’s HR team really appreciates the flexibility of the platform: being able to customise 100% of their screening campaign is a real plus to communicate on their employer branding and to engage the candidate. But most of all, the team appreciates being able to watch interviews whenever and whenever they are available.

You want to improve you employer branding, save time on recruitment processes and to engage our candidates right from the moment they apply to the job?

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Published by Astrid Linder
on 1 August 2019

Success story , digital recruitment , pre-recorded video

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