Prosegur enters digital HR thanks to EASYRECRUE

Prosegur is a multinational company that offers global and comprehensive security solutions, adapted to its clients’ needs. With a strong presence on each of its markets, the company capitalizes on innovation, an excellent service and a trust-based customer relationship. How does the company manage to answer its customers’ needs while promoting its employer branding?

Maria Aboy and Rosa Diaz Garcia from Prosegur Spain have accepted to share with us their experience using EASYRECRUE’s pre-recorded video interview tool.

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#1 HR digital transformation

prosegur_blog1A digital transformation never goes without challenges to overcome. For Prosegur, it is about standardizing processes in shared services centers, migrating to cloud-based solutions, improving data quality, employer branding and the hire-to-retire journey.

Prosegur relies on EASYRECRUE’s platform to reach these HR goals: standardizing the candidate screening process globally, establishing metrics in the processes, reducing commuting costs, providing an innovative image of the company. On top of that, they have found the integration of EAYSRECRUE with Oracle to be very convenient for their users.


« For Prosegur, EASYRECRUE has played an important role in the digitalization of human resources. The tool has adapted to our needs, especially regarding application, selection and management at a global level, thus increasing our efficiency in screening processes.»

Rosa Díaz García, Digital Transformation Analyst at PROSEGUR

#2 Prosegur’s use of EASYRECRUE’s platform

The video interview is conducted after an initial CV screen, with job adapted questions, and the candidates can do the video interview anytime, from anywhere. The HR department initially faced skepticism from some of their foreign affiliates, but they were reassured by the positive feedback of other countries: that the solution was easy to use for all candidates.

Maria Aboy, Selection and Development Specialist, highlights that the tool gives the opportunity to observe the candidates' technical skills, but also their soft skills, a criterion helping for the interview selection :

« Video interviewing allows the company to assess the candidates’ soft skills, on top of their non-verbal language. This is the right solution to gauge their interest in the job and their eagerness to join the company.»

Maria Aboy, Selection and Development Specialist

The tool meets the HR department’s needs, but not only! Candidates are satisfied in 93% of cases. We can also observe a great use of the mobile and tablet versions of easyRECrue (70% of applications). More than the half of Prosegur’s candidates discovered a new recruiting method and 29% appreciated the benefit of not having to travel to the employer’s location.

#3 The tool’s features


To offer a more dynamic and enjoyable experience to candidates, questions can be asked through videos, images, MCQs…

On the recruiter’s side, the platform encourages collaboration between the HR team and the other departments involved in the screening process. Video interviews can be shared with other employees, assessed and saved.


Finally, to improve its employer branding, Prosegur crafts an attractive experience for its candidates and collaborators thanks to custom-made emails and landing pages, on which videos and images are giving a first overview of the life in the company.

#4 Some key figures

Prosegur’s digital transformation has already proven successful with more than 3,300 video interviews in Europe and Latin America, and average candidate return rate of 50% who does the video interview do it within 1.8 days.

Thanks to video interviewing, both the dropout rate has substantially decreased while the percentage of selected candidates is higher.

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