How Santa Inc. reenchanted their talent experience

How Santa delivers millions of presents one night a year so fast is one of Santa Inc.’s best kept secrets. How they manage their talent experience is not. Excellent service, speed and efficiency being key values of the company, it’s only natural they chose the Talent Experience Platform to deliver the perfect and seamless candidate, employee and recruiter experience.
Santa Inc.’s mission is to make the holidays perfect and bright. But a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen, and hiring the most competent, professional and talented elves and reindeers is crucial to the sparkling success of the organization. Additionally, with ever-changing expectations and technology, staying ahead of trends, adapting and upskilling has always been key challenges.

Over the years, the company has built a strong brand and become more attractive. But every holiday season, as applications come snowing in, it is a challenge to sort and filter thousands of applications in a short amount of time. 2020 added the extra challenge that no one can travel for interviews or skills assessments, everything must be digital. 
The main question was how to speed up the recruitment process while maintaining a high-quality relationship with candidates...100% digitally.
Here is a preview of how they use the Talent Experience Platform:
  • Sugar spice up their employer brand with a chatbot to prescreen applications and custom HR videos to engage with future employees
  • Faster screening with the on-demand video interview and a frictionless interviewing experience to hire the best elves and boost diversity
  • An online language test to assess language proficiency during interviews (thousands of languages to assess, including reindeer)
  • Online scenario-based assessments with the Test Builder, to validate key skills (e.g. how do they react if children see them, what do they do if a reindeer has a breakdown in the middle of present distribution, etc.)
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