How RTBF saves on screening time with the on-demand video interview

The RTBF (Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française - the radio and television broadcast company for the French-speaking Belgian community) has been using the on-demand video interview for almost 3 years now to speed up their recruitment process, and to make the pre-selection phase a more qualitative and collaborative experience for HR teams and hiring managers. 

RTBF deals with high volumes of applications with many obligations. Candidates must meet the requirements for each position (experience, training, etc.) and then the selection is made on a comparative basis. In order to check that applications are relevant and to validate the prerequisites, RTBF recruiters sometimes had to carry out a long and tedious telephone pre-screening phase. RTBF's challenge: how can a quick pre-selection be carried out for a better candidate experience and a more qualitative experience for HR and managers?

RTBF integrated the on-demand video interview to their recruitment process to allow candidates to show who they are and share their motivations, beyond their CVs, thus allowing HR and managers to identify the right candidates more quickly. For positions that generate a large number of applications, the recruitment process has been greatly sped up while maintaining a high level of requirements in the pre-selection. 

RTBF found the solution to their challenges thanks to EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW. Discover the full story with Alexandra Vincent, Recruiting and Internal Mobility Expert. 

"We have a list of  soft skills and technical skills to assess, as well as culture fit. To do this, conducting two physical interviews is a great way to avoid missing the right candidate." Alexandra Vincent, Recruitment and Internal Mobility Expert at RTBF.

Read the RTBF success story

In short, how RTBF saves on screening time thanks to the video interview:

  • A solution that adapts to new ways of working and offers flexibility to both recruiters and candidates.
  • Improved collaboration between HR and hiring managers
  • A more human process where teams analyze people, not profiles
  • More qualitative face-to-face interviews thanks to what HR and managers have already seen in the video interviews

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Published by Mathilde Brygier
on 28 May 2020

Video interviewing , Success story , pre-recorded video , Article

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