5 tips to hiring remotely with the on-demand video interview

The on-demand video interview is the perfect solution for companies that have chosen to or must carry on with their recruitment processes. We've prepared a checklist of 5 tips to remote hiring to guide you through the process, from creating campaigns to assessing interviews with best practices to offer top recruiter and candidate experiences. 

Before we dive in, let’s quickly remind ourselves what an on-demand video interview is. The on-demand video interview is a video pre-selection solution that often replaces phone screening. It is more efficient for several reasons: it’s faster (recruiters save on average 50% of screening time), more qualitative (around 25% more candidates go through an interview), and improves the overall candidate experience. Candidates have the opportunity to express themselves and show who they are beyond their CVs and recruiters get to meet more candidates and identify soft skills earlier in the process.

How does it work?

  • The talent acquisition team or recruiter set a campaign on the EASYRECRUE platform
  • They invite candidates directly from their ATS or through the platform
  • Candidates have their interview on video, anytime, anywhere within the allowed timeframe
  • Recruiters assess and share the interviews with hiring manager and pre-select the best candidates to continue the process

NB: an on-demand video interview does not replace a physical interview (face-to-face or live interview).


#1. Setting-up the recruiting campaign

Setting up your recruiting campaign is the first step to efficient video pre-selection. This means identifying the positions for which you wish to shortlist candidates based on the on-demand video interviews.

  • Before you begin, use the job description to clearly define which skills are key and decisive for candidates to move on to the next step. They can be technical skills, aka hard skills (for instance, does the candidate need to know how to use this tool, or do they have their driver's licence?) or soft skills (how assertive are they, do they effectively organize their ideas, etc.)
  • You will also need to define the duration of the campaign, meaning the time candidates get to complete their on-demand video interview. It is recommended to give them between 3 and 5 days and to make sure that a weekend is included in the allotted time. Indeed, the advantage of the solution is to give your candidates the opportunity to record the interview outside office hours and for many this means on Saturday or Sunday.

Once these actions have been defined you can move on to the next step: interview questions.

#2. Asking the right questions 

Selecting interview questions is a very important step since asking the right questions will lead to a better pre-selection process. One of the main benefits of the on-demand video interview is the possibility to quickly identify hard and soft skills you are looking for in a candidate.

  • Keep it short, do not go over 10 questions. The point is to go faster than a traditional pre-selection phone interview.
  • Start with an easy question to help candidates get comfortable. Do not forget answering in front of your screen is not simple.
  • Avoid basic questions like asking about main strengths and weaknesses, as the whole idea is to learn more about what motivates the candidates.
  • Ask original, out-of-the-box questions to get more original and out-of-the-box answers!
  • Add one or two written questions to check spelling and writing skills.
  • Choose the same timing per answer so the candidate is not confused. We recommend to give them one to two minutes to answer each question.

The ideal question structure:

  • Question 1, on video, ask the candidate to introduce him or herself to help them get comfortable
  • Questions 2 to 5, on video, go in-depth to learn more about who they are. Think situational or behavioral questions.  
  • Managerial questions, multiple choice or written. Any question you need to proceed and to filter further: salary, start date, experience with certain softwares, etc.
  • Final open question. Now that the candidate is more comfortable, ask one last question allowing them to be creative with their answer and add anything they wish.

This ideal questionnaire can be cloned according to campaigns and types of positions, and questions 2 to 5 can be changed depending on which skills you wish to identify. Overall, you’ll be saving time on this phase of your recruitment process.

#3. A smooth candidate onboarding for a better experience

landing page easyrecrue

80% of candidates that have a video interview are experiencing this method for the first time. This means educating candidates and making sure they understand how it works and are reassured on the overall process, in order to take their interview in the best possible condition. Here is the candidate onboarding checklist :  

  • An informative homepage : on the EASYRECRUE platform, it is possible to customize your homepage and add HR videos, company pictures, as well as content to introduce the teams and managers.
  • Inform candidates in advance: mention the video interview in your job ad so that they know what to expect during the recruitment process.
  • Make an introductory video: reassure and inform the candidate before starting the interview with a short video introduction presenting the different stages of the recruitment process as well as help them get more comfortable with it.

#4. Communicating efficiently  

Since this part of the process takes place remotely, communication is very important and can make a big difference. For this reason, we've made it easy to schedule and automate email invitation as well as reminders and feedback emails from the platform. For a great candidate experience, each piece of content must be carefully produced. Recruiters may still choose to call selected candidates to share tips when they aren’t too many.

  • Prepare the email invitation: the goal here is to clearly explain the process to the candidate and share tips to a successful video interview. You may also share a link to a dedicated candidate space you’ve created to share those tips and immerse applicants into your brand.
  • Prepare email reminders: make sure candidates stay engaged. Schedule reminders so they do not forget about their video interview.
  • Write your feedback emails : getting back to candidates, whether they move on to the next step or not is essential. You may write a few different types of email depending on the feedback you wish to give (reason for rejection, invitation to technical assessments, invitation to a physical interview, etc.)

People Experience design

A few tips from candidates and what they wish to see:

  • Ask your questions on video: they like seeing the HR or hiring manager who will assess their answers. 
  • Quickly introduce the concept of the video interview. Don’t forget most candidates are experiencing it for the first time.
  • Give them enough time to answer and develop their responses.  

#5. Assessing the interviews

Once all the video interviews have been completed: 

  • Get into the right viewing conditions: it’s important you be focused and in a good environment to view all the interviews.
  • Be aware of your biases: to avoid natural recruiter bias, clearly define for each question which important elements (skills, experience...) you are looking for in the candidates. For instance, do they use the appropriate professional vocabulary, do they organize their thoughts well, etc.
  • Do not base your judgement on the first question as this is when candidates are getting used to the video interview and need time to adapt.
  • Use all the evaluation criteria available on the platform (comments, scoring, etc.) and do not hesitate to share them with managers and involve them early in the process.
  • Do not forget video interviewing is not easy and not all candidates are equal facing the camera.

Share this checklist with your team members and managers!

Learn more about the on-demand video interview and how it is the ideal remote hiring tool!

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