An app for everything; why recruitment should go mobile

We touch our phones more than we touch our faces!

On average people touch their face 2000-3000 times a day compared to the staggering 2617-5427 times a day people touch their phone, it’s no wonder we need to be able to do everything on it. On top of this, Apple found that users unlock their phones an average of 80 times a day, with 3 billion minutes spent on video calls worldwide.

The screens are bigger now, they have a large amount of storage, they can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard, they’re touchscreen, they’re always connected, they have advanced operating systems and they’re always with you – smartphones are taking over – with so many benefits over laptops it’s hardly surprising that 51.3% of web browsing is done on smartphones compared to 48.7% on laptops.

Most company websites are compelled to be mobile friendly now, 57% of internet users report they wouldn’t recommend a poorly designed mobile responsive site, and 88% report a seamlessly versatile site is highly important. So, if smartphones are taking over laptops and tablets alike, it makes sense that everything you do on a pc should be doable on a smartphone.

Not only has technology become a demand but the generation that cultivated it has become more demanding. The generation of millennials that are currently in hiring demand for their modern-world tech skills, culture/language diversity and multitalented abilities have different work ideals and require a different kind of treatment. Millennials are impatient, they are all about fast solutions and instant gratification, this means businesses need to adapt in order to get the best out of them and retain talent as millennials tend to grow easily bored and demotivated; often jumping from job to job.

Keeping millennials engaged requires a few tactics; continuous feedback, short-term rewards, a flexible work place and up-to-date technology – with technology being one of the most important. Whether you’re attracting, hiring or retaining millennials, company software needs to be innovated with the latest trends.

One of the biggest trends now a day, that more and more businesses are catering to is the app craze; ‘there’s and app for that’ has possibly become one of the most used phrases of the 21st century – and with good reason.

Retail and airline industries soon realised the need for a seamless mobile experience via sophisticated apps, and now recruitment is catching up. There are currently 2.2 million mobile apps available to download on iOS, and an average of 197 billion app downloads worldwide, following gaming applications, business apps come second with a 9.88% share of available apps. People can now shop, scan documents, pay bills, check flights, and apply for jobs via apps, it makes sense that we should be able to hire and interview through apps too!

So, no laptop? No problem, EASYRECRUE caters to digitised millennials and recruiters alike, the platform which is mobile responsive allows candidates to complete their video interview, and recruiters to view and assess candidates, even whilst offline – which can be quite beneficial when all you have is 15minutes free in the tube!

Some of the benefits of using a recruiting app:

  • Candidates can complete their video interview and answer questions on the go
  • No need for a laptop or pc
  • Recruiters can view pre-recorded videos and assess candidates on the go
  • Adapted profiles for recruiter/candidate
  • Improve candidate experience and cater to millennials
  • Create an innovative employer brand image

There are currently an estimated 26 apps installed in every smartphone worldwide, and 79% of global internet use is done through mobile devices; recruitment apps are a strong advantage to attracting the best talent and catering to a digitised candidate pool!

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