4 ways a recruiting chatbot will help you through the crisis

Integrating a chatbot into your recruitment process is the right idea to meet the major HR challenges amplified by the health crisis: growing wave of applicants, remote hiring, candidate engagement, and maintaining an attractive employer brand. This is how the Easyrecrue chatbot can help you stand out during this period and prepare for 2021.

#1. Filter large volumes of applications for you

According to the Guardian, applications have risen 16% per job opening this year. Processing these applications in an efficient and timely fashion is the new challenge for talent acquisition managers.

Time-to-hire remains the key indicator, especially in times of crisis. To free up this time, a chatbot integrated into your career site can automatically transform this wave of candidates into a pool of qualified and committed talent. Indeed, this small virtual assistant allows you to direct candidates to the openings that match their criteria and to pre-qualify them with the help of scoring questions. They will be integrated into a user-friendly talent pool, allowing applications to be sorted by job type and criteria, as well as all candidates wishing to submit an open application.

#2. Automate time-consuming tasks

The point of digitalization is to automate time-consuming, low-value tasks in order to focus on work where humans cannot be replaced. In the context of recruitment, this means spending more quality time meeting candidates. With just a few scored questions, a recruiting chatbot can filter relevant candidates on hard skills and according to positions.

It is also possible to configure scoring questions to assess a candidate’s culture fit. If answers fit targets, candidates can be shortlisted easily thanks to two new features:


1. The chatbot invites candidates to a pre-recorded interview

Think of all the time you spend phone-screening candidate. The pre-recorded, or on-demand video interview is the solution to this time-consuming task. And the chatbot can take care of everything for you. When a candidate fits, the bot invites them directly to record their interview. The recordings are then sent to the recruiter’s ATS. Recruiters, as well as hiring managers, can share the video and get a first glimpse at a candidate’s motivations and personality. This feature allows the best talent to be immediately engaged in the process and speeds up the pre-selection process.

2. The chatbot automates interview scheduling

The recruiter can also choose to meet candidates who match with the selection criteria more quickly and invite them directly to a face-to-face interview (in person or by videoconference). To facilitate interview scheduling, each candidate will receive an invitation from the bot to choose a slot among the recruiter's availability. According to Cronofy, HRs can spend up to 5 hours a week scheduling interviews. This new feature is a perfect time-saving solution.

#3. Enhance your employer brand

Let's not forget that one of the first goals of a chatbot is to inform. Being able to answer questions candidates ask at any time is one of the essential features to assert one's employer brand. Integrating an FAQ is an excellent way to provide information. The candidate navigates from category to category from the chatbot to learn more about the company, teams, business units, values, etc. These categories can be illustrated with images, videos, testimonials, for better candidate experience.

#4. Use CV parsing to boost your candidate experience

CV parsing allows you to extract key information from a CV based on keywords such as degrees, experience, language level, etc. Candidates don't need to fill in contact forms or online CVs. A simple drag and drop of a Word or PDF document does the job. The recruiter receives the information in a harmonized and structured way in their ATS.

Read more: What is CV parsing?

The bot is therefore a valuable ally for the recruiter, especially when facing an increasing wave of applications. This virtual assistant respects strict GDPR rules while speeding up the pre-screening process.

With the Easyrecrue chatbot you will be able to :

  • Attract the best candidates with a strong employer brand
  • Be more responsive with the best candidates
  • Offer a great candidate experience
  • Help your teams easily manage large volumes of applications
  • Continue successfully digitalizing your processes!

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