Recruiters: how to automate your low value-added tasks

Searching through hundreds of applications, giving feedback to all candidates, contacting the preselected candidates to inform them about the progress of their application, meeting the selected applicants in face-to-face interviews, managing schedules, etc. HR’s days are busy. So what if you could automate HR and all these low value-added tasks? The digitalization of recruitment processes is HR’s new best friend: recruiters have more time for other tasks in which they can truly show their most important and exclusive asset: their human value.

The diversification of HR tasks

Open an HR agenda and you will understand how diverse and numerous the tasks they juggle with are. Among the variety of functions, they carry out, we’re going to concentrate on the ones that are most time-consuming: publishing vacancies on job boards, sorting CVs, managing applications on the ATS, planning interviews, sending contracts, etc. These are simple and essential, but tedious, tasks which only bring little value to HR. Additionally, those low-value tasks can slow down processes and make companies lose precious talent. So how can companies address this issue?

In the current market, post and pray is not enough. Successful hiring is closely linked to inbound recruiting. The candidates you treat like clients and pamper from the moment they visit your company’s career site to when they enter the recruitment process, through interviews and onboarding, are the ones who will become the ambassadors of your company. This new presence on the internet as well as internal and external corporate branding add up to the already busy working day of HR staff.

Automating HR and low value-tasks

The automation of low value-added tasks has become an essential solution to speeding-up recruitment processes and boosting what is really important: the recruiter’s human value. Task automation guarantees the quality in the processing and analysis of the information that will help us in making decisions and in avoiding human errors, like forgetting a meeting or not giving an answer to a candidate. According to a study by Bodet Software, 59 % of companies affirm that the main reasons for digitalizing the recruitment processes is to automate both the filtering of applications and the monitoring of candidates’ responses.

The digitalization boom in recruitment processes and task automation started off with the ATS and multi-posting programs that allowed HR staff to save time on posting vacancies on job sites. From then on, other very useful tools have entered the market to ease and optimize HR tasks, such as pre-recorded video interviews and chatbots.

What tools and solutions to automate HR tasks?

It starts with CV parsing. If only there were a tool for that! There is! The use of recruiting chatbots have been consistently increasing the past years. Many companies are already using a chatbot to assist clients when shopping for instance, so why not do the same with candidates? It’s sometimes a hassle for them to find the right job offer within the ocean of ads on the internet, so any assistance is welcome. A chatbot integrated on your company website’s recruitment portal can help candidates find the job offers most suitable for them. On top of helping applicants, this tool facilitates an initial filtering process, because it only hands out application forms to those who fit the chatbot’s scored questions. What are the benefits of this? Two out of three candidates are satisfied with their interaction with a chatbot and appreciate the help; and the recruiter only receives relevant and qualified applications. The bot is used to filter open applications that normally stay in limbo as a result of not being linked to any offer in particular.

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Is there a solution to saving time in candidate selection after CV sorting? If there’s a stage that can feel like a never-ending story for HR staff, it’s pre-screening, as it’s still conducted by phone in most cases. However, thanks to video technology it’s now possible to invite candidates to do a video interview from a they preferred device - desktop or smartphone -anytime, anywhere, whenever suits them best. Video playback allows HR staff to save time, as well as assess the aptitudes of candidates objectively and with less unconscious recruiting biases. Pre-recorded video interviewing has been designed as a structured tool in its layout and content. It also relies on artificial intelligence technology for video analysis, which will allow you to favor diversity in your teams by studying verbal and non-verbal content.

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Is there a solution to saving time on interview scheduling? Video interviewing allows to pre-screen a group of candidates. When comes the time for face-to-face interviews, scheduling and re-scheduling interviews can take up to 5 hours a week of a recruiter’s time, according to a Cronofy study. Thankfully, solutions exist to automate this repetitive HR tasks: the automated interview scheduler. Synchronize your professional calendar with the tool to allow candidates to self-schedule based on your availability. And of anyone needs to plan a new date or time, no problem, the other party is immediately notified.

Use this saved time on what really matters: the added human value!

Some tasks cannot be automated. In the recruiting world, only a human being can assess the candidates’ compatibility with the company’s ethos and culture fit, understand a candidate’ expectations and motivations or negotiate on contract details (salary, working hours, bonuses, etc.). Understanding, empathizing and persuading is gaining value: HR professionals will be able to dedicate more time to content (postings, career site, social networks, etc.), to personally interview more preselected candidates; more time to prepare well-structured  interviews; and more time to analyze your recruitment KPI.

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