KYOCERA: 56% of screening time saved with the on-demand video interview

Kyocera chooses the EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution to optimize its recruitment strategy and embrace the market's digital transformation


For 80 years, Kyocera has been a leading innovator, pioneering developments in document control and data management to empower companies to be more agile, more efficient, and more client focused. Its People, Technology & Processes department displays this same sense of innovation, accelerating the candidate selection process for the entire company.

Kyocera hires many rare candidate profiles with very specific skills many of whom are usually already employed. This makes in-person interviews difficult to organize, and increases the likelihood of losing good candidates or excessively prolongates the selection process. The company was using traditional telephone screening during which technical skills were assessed, before inviting candidates to a face-to-face interview.

Another challenge was to create personalized reports about each candidate for communicating with hiring manager. Furthermore, Kyocera focuses on people, and commits to providing feedback to all the candidates who participate in the selection process, resulting in an extensive bureaucratic process.
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The EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW solution solved Kyocera's recruiting challenges with:
- An optimized recruitment process thanks to the on-demand video interview - 56% of time saved on the screening phase
- Better collaboration between recruiters and managers - hiring managers can reflect together
- A seamless candidate experience - 82% of candidates have a good image of Kyocera after competing their video interview
“The EASYRECRUE platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It has allowed us to streamline and optimize Kyocera's recruitment process. Internally, it offers transparency and visibility and helps us communicate better on processes with each collaborator." - Natalia Antequera, HR Business Partner
Read the full success story


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