Summer reading selection for HR professionals

This first half-year was unlike anything we have seen before. We hope you get to enjoy a summer break nonetheless and find the resources to be proactive and ready for September. Here is a list of articles, ebooks, and webinars to read and listen to on the train, in the car, on the beach...that we hope will inspire and help you prepare for the next semesters.

đź“‘HR news and trends to read on the train

Post COVID-19 recruiting trends: what do CHROs predict?

iStock-1016779444-1We sat down (remotely) with our clients to discuss with them how they see their businesses evolve and what HR trends are emerging from the pandemic. What to expect after summer? How to prepare the next few months despite economic and social uncertainty? 

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5 ways to maintain a stable recruitment process amid uncertain times

uncertaintimeThe pandemic is having a lasting impact on our lives, including the way we work.  Amid unstable times, how can you maintain a stable recruitment process, and continue to offer the same quality experience to your candidates, aligned with your goals and values? It is still possible through digitalization, honest communication, developing your employees, and a dose of much-needed empathy. 

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3 steps to improve employee development

Internal mobility-webinar boostOnly 30% of CEOs say they have the talent they need to fulfill their future growth ambitions. As positions go unfilled, organizations very often tend to turn to external hiring to find their rare gems. However, this means overlooking the talent available within existing teams that have the skills or could be upskilled for the job. Enhancing employee development through internal mobility in your company is key to increase loyalty and retention.

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đź“šEbooks to discover on the beach

100 interview questions to identify soft skills


More than ever have soft skills been at the center of attention. Employers understand how evaluating these soft skills and giving them more importance in the recruiting process can make a real difference in talent selection. Discover the 2020 edition of our ebook: Top 100 interview questions to identify soft skills.

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Why skills mapping is the keystone of your training plan

piloter la formation 1Do you have any idea of the overall foreign language levels of your employees? Are these levels in line with what is expected for each position? Are the annual training sessions really useful and aimed at the right people? Discover our complete guide for mapping language skills using Easyspeaking online tests.

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▶️Webinars to listen to in the car

Attracting, converting, and retaining talent in the “new normal”

webinarcandidateidnewnormalLast June, we sat down with Scot McRae of Candidate.ID to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world of recruiting so far. We compared key 2020 trends around talent acquisition and retention before the crisis, and if these trends had been altered, or not, and what priorities changed.

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6 scenarios to successfully integrate internal mobility to your workplace

iStock-823862210Last spring, we presented a webinar exploring the challenges of internal mobility and strategic workforce planning. How to create efficient and employee-centric processes to attract and retain talent? Why is internal mobility more relevant than ever? Here is what we discussed.

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Enjoy your reads and happy summer!

Published by Mathilde Brygier
on 6 August 2020

Video interviewing , soft skills , Article , HR tips

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