The time when speaking a foreign language was a rare commodity is long gone. Today, it is a more or less essential skill in most sectors. But with exaggerated or obsolete TOEIC scores and the high cost of language testing, it is often difficult to evaluate fluency in foreign, sometimes rare languages, whose level is hard to judge. Is it possible to easily identify the best multilingual profiles? YES, it is.

Where to find multilingual profiles?

There are several ways of recruiting multilingual profiles. The main factor will be the time and money you want to invest in the process.

Specialist job boards

A job board (employment website) is an internet recruitment platform that allows recruiters to publish vacancies and applicants to respond to them. Although you can post your advertisements on the generalist boards, you would be well advised not to pin all your hopes on them: the risk is that your offer will be drowned in a flood of others and not achieve the desired effect (notably, a lack of high-quality applications).

Some well-known specialist job boards include:

Some advantages of specialist job boards

  • When you publish your advertisement, a “push mail” is sent to applicants whose profiles match your requirements, which means you quickly get qualified applications;
  • If you don’t want to wait for applications to come in, you can view the CV libraries published by the site administrators, which are updated frequently;
  • Some job boards re-post their advertisements on meta search engines (such as Indeed and JobiJoba) and social media (such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), giving you maximum visibility;
  • The most dynamic sites also exhibit at job fairs, which offers you another set of channels for finding applicants.

International recruitment firms

Using an international recruitment firm allows you to outsource what can sometimes be a lengthy process. Multilingual profiles are rare and highly sought-after. Generally, you have to go out and find them. Using experienced recruiters for this part of the process helps avoid poor hiring decisions.

International recruitment firms run their recruitment campaigns based on a direct approach or by headhunting (because the best profiles are already in a job!) Using a firm for your multilingual recruitment gives you the opportunity to take advantage of their special relationships with business executives in France and abroad, and their network of potential employees in all areas of activity with the most sought-after skills.

Some well-known international recruitment firms include:

Some advantages of international recruitment firms

  • Expertise
  • A wider field of enquiry
  • Advice
  • “Tailor-made” services
  • Time saving
  • More discretion around the recruitment process
  • Control of recruitment costs


Refer-a-friend is a recruitment method that allows employees in your business to recommend someone in their network for a vacancy in one of your company’s departments. Your own employees might just know some multilingual gems!

You can either set up a co-option policy in your company or use service providers to extend the possibilities further and take advantage of other people’s networks as well as your employees’ contacts. Some options include:

Some advantages of co-option

  • Getting key players in your company involved in developing the business shows that you value them, which boosts your employer brand and demonstrates your trust in them;
  • By thanking them with a financial reward, you also enhance their productivity and well-being at work;
  • Once your new co-opted employees have started work, they will find it easier to settle in and get involved quickly, because they will have someone they can refer to within the business;
  • Co-option helps to reduce your recruitment costs (no fees to pay to recruitment firms, no time spent looking for applicants, etc.).

How do you judge the language skills of multilingual profiles?

Assessing the level of language skills is a key step in recruiting new employees: almost one exporter in two has seen important transactions fail because of linguistic and cultural misunderstandings (The Economist Intelligence Unit). Unless you have the right resources internally, it is not easy to know how to judge an applicant on these essential skills, given the potential for outdated TOEIC scores or exaggerated statements on their CV. How can you optimise your multilingual recruitment using a reliable tool?

Language tests are the best way for you to judge an applicant’s level in complete confidence.

Evaluate language skills with easySPEAKing!

easySPEAKing is our online testing solution, available in several languages, which provides an exhaustive, fast and inexpensive way of assessing your applicants’ level of language according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Thanks to a series of comprehension and expression questions, you can easily judge the level of skills of shortlisted applicants.

Some advantages of using easySPEAKing:

  • Using video in the testing process gives you a much more accurate view of the result;
  • Pre-recorded video saves time and optimises the quality of testing for both you and your applicants, since it is carried out under optimal conditions.
  • easySPEAKing is 100% online, so there are no technical constraints for you or the person being assessed;
  • Tests are assessed by expert native speakers, who have perfect command of the language, so you can have complete faith in this crucial step in making the right recruitment decision;
  • You should allow between 48 and 72 hours once the test is submitted before you will have the results, so you can optimise the timing of your recruitment process.

If you want to take the process of pre-screening your applicants a step further, you also have the option of preparing an easyRECrue pre-recorded video interview to assess some of your potential employees’ other attributes, namely their soft skills. How do they express themselves? Are they dynamic? Avoid any risk of making the wrong recruitment decision and bring a new employee with high added value into the business quickly and easily.

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