EASYRECRUE's HR Software Frequently Asked Questions

Since the launch of our HR Software Suite, the EASYRECRUE Talent Experience Platform, we are often asked questions surrounding our solutions. But what exactly is an HR Software? Does your company need one? What products does it offer? How can it help reach recruiting targets?

We've gathered a few frequently asked questions on our HR Suite with answers to guide you.

1. What features are offered in your new HR suite?

Our new HR Software Suite is made up of 3 solutions designed to streamline, increase business presence, improve the quality of the candidates you hire, and retain talent.


  • Recruiting Chatbot – Streamline and simplify your application process for both candidates and the HR team.

  • Custom HR Video – Appeal to your candidates with dynamic and engaging video content that interests candidates and aids outlining the goals and objectives of your company.


  • On-demand Video interviewing – With our pre-screening video interview tool, get a real sense of your candidates and view their interviews at a time that suits you. This tool is both convenient and efficient for hiring. 

  • Live Video interviewing – E-meet your candidates with our live video interview, see how they respond, react and handle your questions in real time with a tool offering superior quality and functionality.

  • Automated Interview Scheduling – Keep an eye on your appointments and interviews, as they change, rearrange and make amendments. Take some of this pressure off your HR team with our intuitive automated calendar-based system.

  • AI-driven Recommendations – Experience, knowledge, assessment and suitability are imperative decisions to be made by your HR team, but for when you need extra assurance, AI matching and suitability reports will help confirm your thoughts and help you make the right choice.

ASSESS language skills with Easyspeaking

Linguistic capability can be difficult to asses, especially in multilingual workplaces and for technical roles. Assure your candidates language skills with conclusive and certified language testing.


2. What benefits will your HR system bring to my business?

The benefits of our integrated HR platform and its tiered processes are numerous. Our HR software already has a track record of transformative changes within Human Resources departments spanning a range of industries of varying sizes. The core benefits of our system are:

Visibility – See the best and most suitable candidates and attract top talent

Clarity – Keep track of multiple candidates’ interviews, assessment tasks and development throughout your HR process

Streamlining – Save your HR and Recruitment teams' time. Our HR software has been carefully developed to make the hiring process as concise and efficient as possible

Assurance – Additional support and useful data to ensure you make the right decisions at pivotal moments throughout the hiring process

Value Assessment - People make up companies and HR softwares' mission is to allow organizations to help their talent thrive. Therefore, choosing the right candidate should involve a diverse and rigorous range of suitability and capability assessment. Our system allows hiring managers to meet and review candidates in the broadest range of criteria both with human experience, knowledge and intuition, and artificial intelligence.

3. Can I customize the features included in my HR suite?

We have fostered an approach to HR Software that is one of agility and flexibility. We are constantly improving our products and adding features to fit with our clients' process, criteria and requirements. That’s why we tailor our approach to best suit you, to either improve efficiency, fill gaps in your recruitment process or support your HR team leveraging a bespoke selection of HR Software.

4. What are the core benefits of your HR Solutions?

Our focus at EASYRECRUE is not only to deliver an all-encompassing HR Software Suite, but also to offer something tailored to your organization. Our tiered solutions have been developed extensively as a unique amalgamation of high-performance stand-alone video pre-screening and screening tool combined with sophisticated scheduling and organization features; intuitive and responsive communications features; and cutting-edge AI to offer you a highly advantageous package to maximize the potential of your HR and Talent Acquisition departments.

If you are interested in finding out more about our HR Software suite or have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly expert team and request a demo of the solutions you are interested in.

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Published by Mathilde Brygier
on 28 November 2019

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