EASYSPEAKING: the Language Assessment Test


Hiring multilingual candidates with confidence is important and is not easy if you, yourself are not familiar with the language. Easyspeaking is an extensive linguistic evaluation tool that puts all of your doubts at rest with expert language assessment of listening and reading comprehension, and oral and written expression.

You begin by adding the applicant to your network and choosing the relevant language assessment you want them to take; there are 14 popular languages to choose from. 

The candidate will receive an invitation by email and SMS to complete the assessment online. They can then start the test when they are ready which will take them approximately 20 minutes.

There will be a mix of oral, audio and written questions to be completed. The test begins with 5 randomly-generated questions to test oral expression. Candidates will need to provide their responses through video recording.

There will then be 8 audio multiple-choice questions to examine the level of listening comprehension. Following this, candidates’ final assessment will be a 150-word written exercise to evaluate the level of written proficiency.

The recruiter and candidate will receive a report with an overall language comprehension score in adherence to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The report will also include a detailed breakdown of the candidate’s skills in relation to the independent evaluation tasks. The certificate candidates get after completing the test can be shared on their CVs or professional profiles.

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