How Domino's Pizza saves on time-to-hire with a recruiting chatbot

Domino's Pizza is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains. The Italian subsidiary chose the Easyrecrue chatbot and the on-demand video interview to digitalize its selection process.

With new restaurants opening around the country and the hiring that goes with it, Domino's Pizza Italia decided to rely on digital services to optimize their recruiting process.  


Fabio Selicato, Head of HR at Domino’s Italia, and his team were looking for the fastest and most efficient solution to sort the large number of applications they receive every day. The first step of the recruiting process is time-consuming and offers low added value to recruiters. They thus chose to automate with Easyrecrue ENGAGE and INTERVIEW solutions to streamline and improve the first steps of the recruiting process.

Domino's Italia's new digital candidate journey

Step 1: the recruiting chatbot as a virtual HR assistant

When candidates enter the new Domino’s Italia career page, they can directly interact with “Domino’s Legend”, a virtual assistant to guide them through the first steps of their application.

Candidates start by selecting the city and position they are looking for (delivery, field, or corporate). The chatbot then presents open positions that match their selection and asks short scored questions to filter through profiles. For example, “do you have a driver’s license” is an essential question to ask someone applying for a delivery position. This way, recruiters only receive qualified applications and can focus on inviting best-fit candidates to interviews.


In addition to welcoming and guiding candidates to relevant openings, the chatbot automatically builds a talent pool based on scored questions candidates answered. Recruiters define beforehand the scoring of each question. Automating this first phase of the process allows HR team to shorten the pre-selection time and focus on higher value-added activities.

Candidates, meanwhile, can find the most suitable offer in just a few clicks and complete their files interactively. This is an excellent way to enhance the candidate experience and avoids candidates dropping out of the process.

Step 2: Efficient screening with the on-demand video interview

chatbot_tumbnailBest-fit candidates are invited to record a video interview. Pre-recording their interview lets them introduce themselves and talk about their motivation to join the company and show more than what is in their CVs. The video highlights personality traits and soft skills that help recruiters get to know the talent better.

Interview questions posed during the video interview are tailored by the HR teams according to the soft and hard skills they are looking to assess for at this stage of the process.

Moreover, the video interview reduces pre-selection time by standardizing the process. Domino’s thus maintains a high-quality recruitment process and candidate experience despite large volumes of applications.

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