How to successfully digitalize talent assessments

Talent assessment is key to any recruitment process and identifying the right talent for the right position. So why and how can this crucial step be digitized? This is the question we addressed in our last webinar.

#1. Why are talent assessments more than ever an essential part of HR processes?

Human capital is the most important resource a company has and growth closely depends on the ability to attract, retain and develop talent. Precisely determining what skills are required leads the way to successfully hiring – whether internal or external – the right talent for the right position at the right time. Yet, according to the Deloitte HCM Trends annual report, 90% of companies have skills gaps and 67% have difficulty finding the skills they really need. So how do you make it easier to assess skills?

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#2. Which assessment for which skills?

Three types of skills are usually assessed in the recruitment process:

  • Technical skills, which are usually detailed and can be read on a CV, are valued through training and experience but are often confirmed and assessed thanks to technical tests such as MCQ or with business cases.
  • Behavioral or social skills: not easily identifiable on a CV, they can only be assessed when talent is expressed, therefore mainly during a video or face-to-face interview.
  • Culture fit: clues on the CV can give hints on culture fit but there is nothing better than a meeting with the team to determine if the candidate shares the same values and will get along well with his or her manager and his co-workers.

Assessment tests can either be carried out with the help of external service providers by choosing off-the-shelf tests. They are then taken in a test center or in a common session directly within the company. This is the case for language tests, for example. As for the business case, it is usually completed after the first interview, either at the company's premises or remotely, but it is then complicated to manage the time allowed for its completion.

#3. Why should you rethink talent assessment?

It is therefore necessary to rethink the candidate and recruiter experience in order to avoid time-consuming, costly and, above all, outdated tests. Abandoning paper in favor of digital (in the context of testing of course) is also a response to two major problems: inviting candidates and grading the test, which is still often done manually. Digitalization means standardized tests and fair and objective assessments for everyone. Plus, amid a global pandemic, carrying on with processes without asking candidates to travel for tests and interviews sounds like the best option. Digital technology is changing the situation by automating the processes and enhancing the candidate experience.

#4. Use cases: why they chose to digitalize assessments

During our webinar, we shared a client use case of the International Committee of the Red Cross. In this interview, Audrey Fonteneau, Head of Recruitment Operations, and Christelle Armeli, Project & Process Officer, explain how digitalizing their talent assessments, through Easyspeaking online language tests, and Test Builder helped on performance and overall experience for candidates and recruiters.

We also shared Tata Consultancy Services’ success story with online language tests. To best integrate new hires in a very international environment, the company requires candidates to have a B2 English level to ensure integration and good communication between teams and with customers. They chose Easyspeaking online tests, 360°assessments that allow the company to judge the candidates' overall level - written and oral, thanks to video. This evaluation method allows them to automate invitations and results for a better candidate experience (no more face-to-face tests) and a smoother process.

Watch the whole webinar replay here

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